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Helsinki Airport Development Programme awarded prize for best data modelling in the world

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21.9.2023 at 09:45
Kuvakaappaus uuden lentoaseman tietomallinnuksesta.
The international organisation buildingSMART International (bSI) awarded the prize for World's Best Data Modelling to Finavia’s ten-year Helsinki Airport Development Programme, which utilises data modelling in various phases of the extension of both the terminals and the apron.

“We are proud of the recognition we received. Data modelling has been utilised in the Helsinki Airport Development Programme starting from the planning phase and it has enabled the programme to progress in a systematic and planned fashion,” says Henri Hansson, Finavia’s Senior Vice President, who has been responsible for the overall management of the Helsinki Airport Development Programme.

The award was granted to the Helsinki Airport Development Programme for the excellent utilisation of data modelling in the planning, implementation and maintenance of construction. The prize was awarded to Finavia and the development programme alliance on 20 September 2023 in Lillestrøm, Norway.

At Helsinki Airport, data modelling has been utilised in several phases of the ten-year development programme. Data management has allowed informing stakeholders in advance about the project's functionalities and the new features to be built at the airport.

“Data modelling has been used very extensively in the planning and implementation phases at the airport. Using data modelling and virtual safaris, we have been able to plan every phase of the development programme in detail years before the implementation,” Hansson says.

BuildingSMART International is a global organisation that aims to develop open data transfer and management in the design, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure and buildings. Each year, bSI selects the most advanced projects and innovations that use building information modelling (BIM).

The extension of the Helsinki Airport departure and arrivals hall has previously been awarded the 2022 Tekla BIM Global Awards prize for the best data modelling in the world. The new terminal also received international recognition in 2022 as it won the prestigious Prix Versailles 2022 architecture and design competition. This year, the international airport organisation ACI chose Helsinki Airport as the best European airport in its entire category.

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