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Read our tips on the best viewpoints at Helsinki Airport

Article published
29.9.2023 at 08:45
Ikkunan läpi näkyy lentokone.
Runways, planes and the apron – there is a lot to see at the airport and the views can be enjoyed around the terminal before departure. Read our tips on the airport’s viewpoints.

What could be better than making a stop before a flight to enjoy a view of the runway with good food?

Located at gate 28, Pier Zero is a restaurant along the way for many passengers that offers stunning views of the airport as well as delicious food. The two-storey restaurant has a direct view of the runway, which allows passengers to observe both departing and arriving planes.

Jamie’s Deli at gate 40, on the other hand, offers a view of the airport apron’s long-haul flight area. Passengers can watch planes and vehicles moving on the busy apron from two floors.

Spot planes in the lounge or enjoy a cup of coffee on the outdoor terrace

If you are planning to relax in an airport lounge, the Aspire Lounge at gate 27 and the Plaza Premium Lounge at gate 40 both provide a comfortable setting with stunning views. Both lounges have large windows to the apron, so these are great places to spot planes, relax or work before a flight.

Did you know that Espresso House at gate 29 offers an opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee on a balcony? The café is located on the 3rd floor and has a glazed balcony, which is a great place to enjoy the sunshine, especially in the summer.

R-kiosk at gate 43 is an excellent place to pick up a small lunch and enjoy the airport’s views in two directions. The kiosk is surrounded by tall windows, and passengers can observe planes departing to Asia and the United States on both sides of the terminal.

Surprising viewpoints before security control

Did you know that the runway can also be seen from the new P2 parking building? From the building’s glass lift and rooftop, you can admire Helsinki Airport’s magnificent main entrance and wooden eave, as well as the runway visible behind the terminal.

There is another glass lift with a great view at the train station, which is located deep beneath the terminal. The train station’s glass lift offers spectacular views of the inside of the station and the illuminated escalators.