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The eight seasons of Lapland: The Nightless Night is a unique period of time when the sun shines around the clock

Article published
13.6.2024 at 09:00
Ihminen katsomassa keskiyön auringon valaisemaa maisemaa
Do you already know all the eight seasons of Lapland? Nightless Night, the fourth of Lapland’s seasons, is an unforgettable experience, with the sun illuminating the landscapes around the clock for more than two months.

In May–July, the sun over Lapland will not set at all for more than two months. This unique natural phenomenon, the midnight sun, means that the sun stays above the horizon for the whole day. The further north you go, the brighter the sun will shine: for example, at the latitude of Utsjoki, the difference between midnight and day is almost unnoticeable.

The endless light and nightless night of summer are celebrated at Midsummer, the second-to-last weekend of June. Midsummer is a traditional celebration in Finland that you shouldn't miss if you happen to travel to Finland during that time.

At the beginning of Nightless Night, the last of the snow melts, the greenery takes over and the plants rapidly sprout up. You can experience the unique atmosphere of the midnight sun in Lapland on, for example, a night-time fell hike or a guided canoeing adventure. Even though the sun begins to set again in late summer, the nights will remain bright until mid-August.

Image: Harri Tarvainen / Visit Finland

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Main image: Visit Finland.