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Ten facts about Helsinki Airport – things you probably didn’t know before

Article published
17.6.2024 at 12:30
Did you know that Helsinki Airport has pet relief areas? And a train station that is the height of an apartment building?

Here are some things about Helsinki Airport we’re guessing you didn’t know about.

  1. An entire floor for charging electric cars

Helsinki Airport’s parking hall P2 has eight floors, one of which is entirely dedicated to charging electric cars. We’ve even got solar panels that are used for the electricity to charge the cars with. Overall, there are hundreds of charging stations – in fact, we’ve got charging places for electric cars in all of our parking halls.

  1. Saunas in the terminal

Although it might not be surprising for our fellow Finns, Helsinki Airport has more than one sauna inside the terminal. The steamy saunas are located in some of the lounges, for example, in Finnair’s Business Lounge after passport control. We've also got a steam-free sauna at gate 40, if you want to try out the Finnish experience without breaking a sweat. How Finnish of us!

sauna joulutuvassa
  1. Bathrooms for pets

Our furry friends deserve to travel comfortably as well, don’t they? Helsinki Airport offers special areas for pets to “use the bathroom”. We call them pet relief areas, and there is an outdoor one right outside the Arrivals hall, and an indoor one at gate 51.

  1. Heavy ceiling made of Finnish wood

If you’ve travelled via Helsinki Airport recently, you may have noticed our beautifully made wooden ceiling in the new Departures hall. The ceiling is actually really heavy, as it is made of 500 unique pieces of Finnish spruce. The ceiling creates a breath-taking, but also cozy atmosphere, which we can’t get enough of.

wooden ceiling
  1. A hotel inside the airport

If you’ve got a late night or early morning flight, there’s a hotel right inside the terminal at Helsinki Airport. You can book a room for the entire night, or just for a few hours, and get a good sleep. The hotel is called Comfort Hotel Xpress Helsinki.

  1. A train station 30 meters underground

There’s a cool train station at Helsinki Airport, and it’s located 32 meters under the airport. The views from the top are spectacular and you can ride a glass lift down to the bottom. Arriving to the airport by train is popular among many of our passengers, as it connects the airport and Helsinki city centre in about 30 minutes.

train station
  1. New rules in security control

The security control at Helsinki Airport might be a little bit different than what you’re used to. You don’t have to take any electronics or liquids out of your bag anymore. We’ve got the latest technology, so just pop your bag in for scanning, and stroll through! You may carry up to two litres of liquids in your carry-on bag.

  1. Famous snow ploughs

We are located in the North, and we know what you’re thinking – how can an airport deal with all the freezing ice and snow? What you may consider extreme, snowy weather, we consider an ordinary day. We’ve got the skills, snow ploughs, and icebreakers to keep our runways in summer-like condition all year round. In other words, we’re pretty good at what we like to call “snowhow”.

  1. Apron area the size of 90 football pitches

In the past few years, we’ve been renovating both our terminal and our apron and taxiway areas, meaning the areas where airplanes are parked and loaded. The apron is what you see when you glance outside the window inside the terminal. The size of our renovated apron is “quite modest” – it equals the size of ninety football pitches!

  1. Food Court at the gate area

After security control, head to our new Food Court Airside! Six restaurants share a seating area and delicious meals for all tastes. Enjoy Bastard Burgers, Pala Pizza Bar, Tori Kitchen & Café, Fafa's, Asian Kitchen and Robert's Coffee.

This article was first published in Oct. 2022. It has since been updated regarding lounges and restaurants.