Airport's Christmas checklist

At Helsinki Airport, the busiest days around Christmas last until Christmas eve. During December it is busy every day at Rovaniemi Airport.

Please arrive well in time at the airport. Reserve enough time for parking, bag drop, security check and for eating and drinking as well as for shopping.

More information about the traffic at Rovaniemi Airport in December

How to pack Christmas foods

Pack all Christmas foodstuffs and drinks in cargo hold luggage. These are for example:

  • bakes, cakes and other pastries
  • foods containing curd cheese, butter and mustard
  • canned foods, e.g. roe
  • mulled wine and other drinks

Christmas star pastries, gingerbread and confectionaries are allowed onboard as hand baggage.

Opening hours during Christmas

During Christmas and New Year, the terminals at Helsinki Airport are open 24/7. Some of the shops, cafés and other services are closed during the Christmas time. Check exceptions in the opening hours here.

Other Finavia airports are open depending on the air traffic schedules or are closed or have limited opening hours. Check the exceptions here.

Parking at Helsinki Airport

With an advance reservation, you will also make sure that you have a parking space in your preferred parking area during peak hours. You can book the parking also via Helsinki Airport mobile app.

Before you depart for the airport, you can check the prices and availability of parking via our website.

Cloakroom for winter clothing

At Helsinki Airport, you can leave your winter clothing during you holiday in the sun with the cloakroom service. Airpro Travel Services 24 h is located on the services floor of terminal 2.

You can also store items in the lockers found in terminal 1 and 2. Storage time is max. 8 days.

For the storage services on the other Finavia airports, please go to the airport's website.