How to pack your luggage?

The regulations regarding the amount, weight and size of the allowed luggage depends on your airline and your ticket.

  • As a rule, you are allowed to take one bag to the passenger cabin. The regulations on its size and weight vary by airline.
  • Similarly, the regulations on the weight of luggage to be placed in the cargo hold vary by airline, as do the conditions for transporting large goods and unusually shaped goods. Special luggage includes skis, golf equipment and musical instruments, for example.
  • Airlines charge an additional fee for overweight luggage. Heavy luggage can also be transported by air freight.

You should remove any old luggage labels from your suitcases at home. Tie together any belts and straps in your bags or backpacks to prevent them from getting stuck to the luggage conveyor belt. Lock the carry handles in place.

Attach name and address labels on the outside and inside of your suitcase. This will make it easier to find and identify your suitcase.

You can lock your suitcase if you so wish. However, security control employees may need to open your suitcase if they suspect it contains prohibited items or substances. In such a case, your suitcase may miss the flight if the lock cannot be opened with keys.

Take care of your luggage at the airport

Do not leave your suitcase or other luggage unattended. If unattended luggage is detected, the airport security staff will take it over and deliver it to the authorities for investigation.

In order to increase passenger safety, remember also these general guidelines:

  • Always pack your luggage yourself.
  • Do not carry other people’s belongings.
  • Close your bags and suitcases well.
  • Keep your money, wallet, passport and other valuables in your bags, not in your pockets.
  • Do not leave your belongings to the airport’s service points, cafes or toilettes.

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