Transporting animals

Airlines carry pets and guide dogs when a seat has been reserved for the animal together with your own reservation. You can inquire for more detailed rules and regulations from your airline. Check also what you can do to ensure the wellbeing of your pet during the flight.

Small pets may travel in the passenger cabin; however, only one is allowed at a time. Large pets are carried in a heated section of the cargo hold, in their own travel container. If you do not have an appropriate container for your pet, you may buy one from the airline or at a pet store.

Check the quarentine regulations in advance

You should find out in advance what kind of quarantine or vaccination regulations are in forcein the country you are visiting. The quarantine may hold for up to four months.

For information on the legislation and pet regulations in your destination, please contact the embassy or the veterinary authority of you destination country.

There are restrictions and inspections on the import of animals into Finland.

Further information is available on the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) website.