Respecting the environment

Our aim is a smooth air traffic that affects the environment as little as possible.

Our responsible operations are based on legislation, international treaties and consideration of the justified expectations of various stakeholders to the extent that does not affect flight safety negatively.  

We do broad environmental work and develop responsible working methods all the time. You can learn more about our environmental work here.

Green landings

Helsinki Airport is on the leading edge of green landings. Nearly 60% of all aircraft landing at Helsinki Airport are already employing the "Continuous Descent Approach"(CDA). This reduces the aircraft fuel consumption, emissions and noise radically.

Green landings result in a 10–30% savings in fuel and, in turn, exhaust emissions. For large aircraft, this can mean savings of some 200 kilograms of fuel.

Correspondingly, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by approximately 640 kg. The CDA also cuts down aircraft noise as far as 10 kilometers away from the airport.

Every effort is made to use the CDA whenever possible. CDAs require sufficient airspace, favourable weather conditions and the proper type of aircraft.

The number of CDAs employed at Helsinki Airport is among the highest in Europe. In the afternoon, there are a few peak hours during which time the CDA cannot be used due to parallel approaches.