Car wash

Have your car washed at Helsinki Airport

Save time and bother. Have your car washed while you are travelling. When your flight lands, you will have a clean car waiting for you.

You can book your car wash at the same time as you reserve your parking space in advance. The reservation can be made up to six months in advance or at least 12 hours before the start time of the reservation.


Airport car wash services and price list

Automatic car wash with brushes 39 €

Interior cleaning (vacuum-cleaning and interior surface wipe down) 69 €

Automatic car wash and interior cleaning 84 €


This is how the car wash service at Helsinki Airport works

  1. Reserve and pay your parking space and car wash service.
  2. Drive to the airport parking area. Marked spaces for those who have booked a car wash can be found in the entry floors of P3 Premium, P3 and P5.
  3. Leave your car keys at the airport information desk located in the gateway between terminals 1 and 2, and then pick them up from there on your return.
  4. A clean car will be waiting for you in the same parking space area where you left it!