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Rovaniemi Airport is Santa's home airport

Article published
15.12.2014 at 07:00
Santa Claus at airport departure hall.
Santa Claus always flies from Rovaniemi Airport, as he has many important meetings and events to attend when not busy at his workshop.

If you want to see Santa setting off from Rovaniemi, watch this video.

Christmas Eve is such a busy time that Santa can't venture far from his home in Korvatunturi, or Santa Claus Village, on the Arctic Circle. However, he has to attend plenty of important meetings and events both in his home country and abroad throughout the year.

His reindeer sleigh is reserved for Christmastime. Otherwise, he prefers to travel by aeroplane.

After all, Santa has a convenient airport near his home, Finland’s Rovaniemi Airport, where he is often seen in his red coat and hat.

Santa is a frequent flyer who appreciates the modernity of Rovaniemi Airport and handles security checks and the other airport procedures with aplomb.

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