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Where would you like to fly?

Article published
23.3.2015 at 08:30
Planning your trip is now easier than ever: Finavia has opened a completely revamped flight search service on its website.

Finavia’s flight search finds flight connections from your home airport all around the world. It shows all scheduled direct flights as well as connecting flights, if selected.

Implemented using responsive web design—just like the rest of Finavia’s website—the flight search works well also on smartphones and tablets. Here is a link to the flight search:

The search engine has been improved also as far as holiday flights are concerned, as charter flights have been included. The system is able to show charter flights for airlines that have provided their flight data to an international database.

The flight search engine searches for destinations, routes and timetables

The search engine displays all flight connections from the selected Finavia airport on a map and as a list. You can also search for direct and connecting flights between two airports.

There is also a search function to search for timetables between your home airport and another selected airport on the basis of departure and return dates. The search result also indicates the type of plane used on the route.

Joni Sundelin, Senior Vice President at Finavia, says that the improvement of the flight search is part of Finavia’s strategy to promote Finland’s excellent flight connections, increase the number of passengers and support tourism.

“Thanks to the improved flight search, people in the provinces can also easily check where they can fly from their home airport. We believe that the service promotes tourism as well, since it adds to the visibility of Finnish flight connections for international travellers,” says Sundelin.

Finavia buys the search service from Innovata, a leading service provider of flight schedule information. Innovata’s database contains data from over 800 airlines around the world. Innovata is part of Flightglobal and a strategic partner to IATA.