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Five facts about the extension of Helsinki Airport

Article published
16.6.2015 at 11:38
Architectural visualization of Helsinki airport's gate area interior.
One of the largest construction projects in Finland – the terminal extension project – will commence at Helsinki Airport in six months. The work will take five years, employing thousands of people.

We gathered a few figures to depict the size of the extension project.

  1. The investment costs EUR 400 million. That corresponds to building three Helsinki Music Centres.
  2. The extension will total 75,000 m2, the size of the Linnanmäki amusement park.
  3. The peak capacity of the luggage handling factory will increase to 11,000 bags per hour, an increase of nearly 60%.
  4. The number of spots for wide-bodied aircraft will double from the current eight to 16.
  5. The parking lot for aircraft will be extended and renewed in an area of 330,000 m2, which corresponds to 65 football fields.

The extension work will begin at the southern wing of the current non-Schengen area of the terminal, and when it is ready, construction will begin at the western wing in summer 2017. The western wing is scheduled to be ready in summer 2020.

Even though the figures are huge, the emphasis of the planning of the extension is on services, functions and comfort. The planning for the details is still ongoing. Finnish architecture and Finnish material choices, wood and granite, will be present in the decor.

In addition to restaurants, cafés and shops, the extension will also host services that provide an experience. The plan is to introduce various changing worlds of sound and scent.

Digital solutions will make it easier to depart and change planes. New services are already under consideration. For example, a passenger could use the smartphone to order freshly ground coffee or a neck massage to the departure gate.

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