Parties to the agreement and the offered service

Finavia Corporation (“Finavia”) manages the online shop of the Helsinki Airport (“the Online Shop”). Through the Online Shop, the customer (“the Customer”) is able to purchase services directly from Finavia, as well as products and services from other companies that are selling their products and services through the Online Shop (“Partners”). In these terms and conditions, Finavia and its Partners are collectively referred to as “the Seller.”

The Seller is indicated on the page of each product or service and in the order confirmation. If the Customer purchases a product or service from a Partner through the Online Shop, the Partner, not Finavia, will be the contracting partner. Regardless of whether the Seller is Finavia or one of its Partners, the Customer may always contact Finavia's customer service, and all payments are made via the payment system offered in the Online Shop. Even if the Customer only purchases products from a Partner through the Online Shop, they also accept Finavia's general terms and privacy policy.

1. Background information

1.1 These general terms and conditions (“General Terms”) are applied to orders placed by the Customer through the Online Shop.

1.2 The Customer must be at least 18 years in order to place orders through the Online Shop.

1.3 Finavia and its Partners reserve the right to change, revise and correct the content of the Online Shop without giving any separate notification to the Customer. Finavia assumes no responsibility for any information issued by third parties regarding the Online Shop.

1.4 All rights to the material included in the Online Shop are the property of Finavia or its Partners, unless otherwise specified. The use of such material is always subject to a separate agreement, and its unauthorised use and copying are prohibited.

2. Handling personal data, and data privacy

2.1 The Customer must provide Finavia with the following personal data: first and last names, telephone number and email address. Personal data is handled according to the description of register.

2.2 Finavia handles the personal data provided by the Customer in accordance with Finnish legislation. The Customer has the right to check what personal data has been saved and request that any incorrect data be corrected. Requests to check and correct data must be sent in writing and with a signature to Finavia's customer service. The contact details are listed in Section 10 (Contact details, customer service and complaints).

Privacy Policy (PDF)

3. Agreements and orders

3.1 The Customer must accept the General Terms in order to place orders or to make reservation requeststhrough the Online Shop. By accepting the General Terms, the Customer commits to following the General Terms in full, confirms that they have read the terms and conditions governing personal data and cookies, and accepts their use in accordance with Finavia's privacy policy.

3.2 Regardless of whether the Customer orders a product from Finavia or its Partners, Finavia will confirm all orders. An agreement is entered into after Finavia has confirmed the Customer's order and the Customer has received the order confirmation. The Customer has the right to cancel the order before Finavia has confirmed it. If an order is cancelled, the Seller will return any order-related charges paid by the Customer or their payment or credit card company.

3.3 The Seller has the right to cancel an order if the specific product is sold out. In addition, the Seller has the right, in individual cases, to reject the Customer's order (if the Customer has, for example, provided incorrect personal data or has a payment default entry).

3.4 When the Customer orders access to the airport lounge, the order may be placed no earlier than thirty (30) days before visiting the lounge, up until the moment of the visit. The date and time of the lounge visit must be indicated when placing the order. By placing the order, the Customer commits to following the rules of the lounge. These are presented in the product description and order confirmation.

4. User account

4.1 The Customer can set up a user account before placing an order through the Online Shop. The Customer needs to set up a user account when making purchases in Helsinki Airport mobile application. The Customer confirms that the information provided when registering their user account or placing their order is correct and complete, and that the Customer is responsible for any errors in the information provided.

4.2 The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Customer's login credentials cannot be used by any other user. The Customer must not reveal their username or password to any other user and is responsible for the proper storage of these credentials. The Customer is responsible for all purchases made using their login credentials if the Customer has not notified Finavia of their possible unauthorised use.

4.3 If Finavia suspects that the Customer is misusing their user account or login credentials or is otherwise in breach of the General Terms, Finavia shall have the right to lock the user account. Furthermore, Finavia shall, in the aforementioned situation, have the right to set new login credentials for the Customer.

5. Prices, fees and payments

5.1 The prices listed in the Online Shop only apply to orders placed through the Online Shop. All prices are presented in Euros (EUR), including value added tax. The price presented when placing an order is only valid for that specific order.

5.2 The Customer can pay for their purchases by the means defined in the Online Shop. Finavia reserves the right not to offer all payment methods and topropose a different payment method if the method selected by the Customer is unavailable at the time of the purchase.

5.3 Payments are made using a service provided by a third party (Solinor Oy) using a credit card or online banking services. Finavia does not handle or save the Customer's credit card details.

5.4 The Seller reserves the right to cancel an order if there are clear errors in prices. “Clear errors in prices” refers to an error when pricing a product or service in the Online Shop in which the price differs clearly and significantly from the correct price. In this case, the incorrect price differs so clearly from the correct price that the Customer must have understood that it is incorrect.

6. Delivery

6.1 If the Customer has ordered access to the airport lounge, the Customer is entitled to access the lounge in question at the time they indicated when placing their order.The Customer has a right to stay in the lounge for up to 3 hours within the limitation of opening hours.

6.2 The Customer receives an order confirmation, which includes a confirmation of the chosen time for accessing the lounge.When entering the space, the Customer must have the order confirmation and a valid identity document with them.

7. Right to cancel

7.1. Right to cancel the lounge reservation

The Customer is entitled to cancel their lounge reservation on the day preceding the time of access to the lounge. For instance, if a reservation for lounge access is for Monday, 6 August, the reservation can be cancelled on Sunday, 5 August at the latest. For cancellations made later than this, there will be no refund.

If the Customer cancels the reservation in time, the amount paid by the Customer will be refunded. The Seller shall repay the amount without undue delay and within 14 days of the day on which the Seller received the Customer’s notification of cancellation.Instructions for cancelling the lounge reservation are provided in the order confirmation message. The restriction of the right to cancel lounge reservations is based on Chapter 6, Section 16 of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act.

7.2. Other products

According to the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, consumer customers have the right to cancel any purchase made from the Online Shop by giving notification of the cancellation within fourteen (14) days after they have entered into a service agreement orpicked up the ordered product (cancellation period).

7.2 The right to cancel does not apply to the following products or services:

(a) products that have been manufactured or modified according to the Customer's specifications or have otherwise been clearly identified (for example personal smart devices;

(b) products delivered in sealed packages, the seals of which have been opened, and which cannot be returned for reasons of health or hygiene (e.g. underwear, cosmetics, in-ear headphones, swimwear and similar products);

(c) voice or image recorders or computer programs delivered in sealed packages, the seals of which have been opened;

(d) products that get contaminated or expired quickly (e.g. food products ordered to go from a cafeteria or restaurant, or food products that otherwise get contaminated quickly);

(e) services that have been performed in full or the delivery of digital content which has been started before the end of the cancellation period due to the Customer's request or consent, and the Customer has been notified of the lack of any right to cancel in such a case;

With regard to these exceptions, the non-application of the right to cancel is based on Chapter 6, section 16 of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act.

7.4 If the Customer wishes to cancel a purchase made from the Online Shop, they must, before the expiry of the cancellation period of fourteen (14) days, send an email that clearly indicates their desire to cancel the order to the Seller indicated in the order confirmation. The Seller's email address is indicated in the order confirmation. In their message, the Customer must indicate their name, address and other specific details, such as the order reference, order date, order receipt date, invoice number and product name.

7.5 If the Customer exercises their right to cancel after having picked up their product, they are responsible for costs arising from the return and for the condition of the product after its receipt and during its transportation. Products must be returned within fourteen (14) days after the Seller has been notified of the cancellation. Products must be delivered properly packaged, in good condition and in their original box and/or packaging. Products must be returned to the Seller by post by delivering them to the Seller's mailing address indicated in the order confirmation.

7.6 If the Customer cancels a transaction, the amount paid by the Customer will be returned to the Customer. The Seller will repay the amount without any undue delay and no later than within fourteen (14) days after the date on which the Seller received the Customer's cancellation notice. However, the Seller has the right to refrain from repaying the amount until the Seller has received the product or the Customer has indicated that they have returned the product. The amount will be returned to the Customer using the same means of payment as the Customer used in their original order. However, the Seller has the right to deduct from the amount being returned an amount corresponding to any impairment of the product, insofar as the impairment is caused by the Customer having handled the product more than is necessary in order to verify its operability or properties.

8. Warranty and statutory liability for defects

8.1 If a warranty has been provided for a product, the warranty is determined according to the warranty terms defined by the product manufacturer. The Customer is obligated to read the warranty terms delivered with products. In principle, warranties only cover manufacturing and material defects in products. The warranty period is specified in the product specifications and the order confirmation.

8.2 The Seller is liable for defective products as set out in the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. A Customer who wishes to exercise their right of appeal concerning a product must contact the Seller as quickly as possible after having discovered a defect, using the contact details indicated in the mobile app.

8.3 If the Customer receives an incorrect or defective product and wishes it to be replaced, the Customer may return the product to the Seller free of charge, and the Seller will send a replacement product in its place. The parties to the transaction can also agree that the Seller repays the amount paid by the Customer without any undue delay.

9. The Seller's responsibilities, and force majeure

9.1 Finavia does not guarantee that the Online Shop will be available without any interruptions or errors.

9.2 The Seller is liable for any direct losses it has caused through its negligence. Unless otherwise required in imperative legal provisions, the Seller will, however, not be responsible for any indirect losses or losses that the Seller cannot have reasonably foreseen.

9.3 The Seller is not responsible for any delays or losses caused by force majeure situations. Force majeure situations are unexpected events that have an influence, which the Seller cannot have taken into account, which is independent of the Seller or the impact of which cannot have been reasonably avoided or overcome.

10. Contact details, customer service and complaints

10.1 Customer service, 24 hours: you cansend inquiry form or call tel. +358 200 14636 (€0.57 per minute + local network charge)All feedback and customer complaintsmust be sent to Finavia using the feedback form.

10.2 Customer complaints regarding defects and errors in the Online Shop app, the products and services ordered or any losses incurred in conjunction with such defects and errors must be reported immediately after their discovery and no later than when the Customer should have discovered the defects, errors or losses. If a dispute between the Customer and Finavia cannot be resolved through mutual negotiations, the Customer can take the case to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution. The Customer shall contact the Consumer Advisory Service before taking the case to the Board.

The Customer may also take the case directly to the EU Commission's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for resolution.

10.3 These General Terms are governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes arising from these General Terms are settled at the District Court of the Seller's domicile or at the District Court of the Finnish municipality, within the jurisdiction of which the Customer's place of residence is located. If the Customer has no place of residence in Finland, any disputes will be settled at the District Court of the Seller's domicile

11. Other terms and conditions

Finavia has the right to amend these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions valid at the time of placing the order are applied to purchases made by the Customer.