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Forgot your sunglasses, painkillers or headphones? Here’s where to find last-minute holiday essentials at the airport

Article published
7.7.2019 at 09:00
Woman choosing sunglasses.
Shops at Helsinki Airport are at your service when you need to make purchases for a perfect summer holiday.

1. Pharmacy products

Pain, indigestion or allergies can put a damper on your trip, if you don’t come prepared.

At Helsinki Airport, you can purchase pharmacy products both before and after the security check.

At the pharmacy in Terminal 2 (at Arrivals Hall 2A), you can buy all pharmacy products, including prescription drugs and e-prescriptions.

After the security check, at the Apteekkiplus pharmacy by Gate 29, you will find over-the-counter products for pain, fever, acidity, allergy and travel sickness, for example.

2. Sunscreen

Make sure to protect your skin from the sun on your vacation.

You can buy sunscreen conveniently from all Helsinki Duty Free Shops, located both in the Schengen and non-Schengen areas (at Gate 13 in T1, Gate 22 in T2, Gate 32 in non-Schengen T2, the Aukio Shop at Gate 40, and the Lounge Shop at Gates 50 A-M).

All international passengers can shop at Duty Free Shops. When you are travelling to a destination outside of the EU, you can make tax-free purchases. Read more about passengers’ shopping rights here.

When travelling with hand luggage only, remember the restrictions on liquids. You can buy liquid items over 100 ml from Duty Free on your outward journey, but you won't be able to bring them back with you through security when you return. Read more on security restrictions here.

3. Sunglasses

If you’ve left your shades at home, you’re missing an essential holiday item.

WDFG Collection (at Gate 27 in T2) offers a stylish, high-quality selection of sunglasses, bags and other accessories. Passengers travelling to outside of the EU can shop tax free.

A selection of sunglasses, jewellery and watches can also be found at the Helsinki Duty Free Shop at T2 long-haul area (at Gate 32 in the non-Schengen area of T2).

4. Travel adapters and other electronics

Did you lose your adapter, headphones or charger?

Capi Electronics (at Gate 27 in T2) offers a broad range of products, and the newest electronics from leading electronics brands. All passengers travelling to destinations in Finland and abroad, as well as arriving passengers, can shop at Capi.

A small selection of adapters, headphones and other electronics can also be found at small convenience stores R-kioski (at Arrivals Hall 2A, and Gates 50A-M in the non-Schengen area) and WHSmith (at the T1 Arrivals Hall, the T2 check-in area, and Gates 15, 29 and 53 in T2).

5. Something to read or play

A paperback for the beach, or games for the kids?

Literary classics and light reads can be found at Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookstore (at Gate 14 in T1, or Gate 27 in T2) as well as the airport kiosks (R-kioski and WHSmith).

Kids’ games and toys can be found at the Moomin Shop (at Gate 26 in the Schengen area of T2, or Gate 34 in the non-Schengen area of T2), the ToyLand store (at Gate 40 in the non-Schengen area), and all Duty Free Shops.

6. Foreign currency

When you need cash in foreign currency, the Change Group service points or cashpoint machines at Helsinki Airport are at your service.

The cash exchange service points have over 40 currencies in stock. You can find service points before the security check (at the T1 and T2 check-in areas and Arrivals Hall 2A and 2B) as well as at the departure gate areas (at Gates 15, 26, 27, 29, 34, and 40). The service points are open every day of the week, from early morning through to the evening.

The cashpoint machines that display “ATM Cash” are open 24/7 at Gates 14, 21, 23, 26, 32, and 34. You can use the machines to withdraw cash in euros and Swedish krona in the Schengen area, and euros, British Pounds and US Dollars in non-Schengen area.

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