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Parkkihalli kuvattuna ylhäältä päin.

Is it possible to cancel reservations?

You can cancel your reservation without any penalty at the latest two (2) hours before the reservation period begins. Follow the instructions provided on the reservation confirmation email. If you cancel your reservation period any later than that, you will be charged the full price.

Are there height restrictions in the parking area?

Parking area P3 and P3 Pikaparkki have a ground clearance of 2.1m. P3 Premium has a ground clearence of 1,9m. Area P5 has a ground clearance of 2.0m. Parking areas P4A and P4B are outdoors parking areas, and so have no height restrictions. There may be obstacles above a particular parking spot, however, such as an air conditioning conduit, that are below a height of 2.1/2.0m.

When can I reserve a parking spot at the earliest, and at the latest?

Parking spots can be reserved at the earliest six (6) months and at the latest two (2) hours before the start of the reservation. Not all parking spots at the airport can be reserved in advance. If there is less than 2 hours until the parking period is due to start or if there are no available spaces in that area, you can also park in the free zones without any advance reservation.

What do I do if my return flight is late and my reservation has expired?

If you park in the P1 Premium or P2 area, enter your car's registration number into the machine and pay for the excess time with a payment card. If you park in the P3, P5 or P4, please contact the customer service via the parking machine phone in the parking hall, and pay the outstanding amount in cash or with a chip-enabled charge card. You can also pay the outstanding amount of the parking fee at the 24-hour parking service desk located in the terminal, arrivals level.

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