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Travel restrictions gradually eased – how to travel safely at Finavia airports

Article published
11.5.2020 at 08:30
Teksti, jossa lukee "muista turvavälit"
The restrictions on travel caused by the coronavirus pandemic are being gradually eased in Finland. Passengers are recommended to use masks when travelling at Finavia's airports.

The Finnish Government has decided that the restrictions on travel within the Schengen area will be eased from May 14th, 2020, after which commuter traffic and other essential travel inside the Schengen area will be allowed.

Passengers may travel freely between Finland and Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark and Iceland without internal border controls and return to Finland without quarantine from 15th June. Passengers should check any travel restrictions and quarantine regulations in the country of destination before leaving.

The internal border controls inside the Schengen area are valid until July 14th, 2020 (for passengers travelling to or from other countries than Latvia, Lithuania, Estionia, Norway, Denmark and Iceland). Airports with no international air traffic do not have border control.

Restrictions on travel outside the Schengen area remain valid.

For now, the Finnish Government does not recommend travelling for leisure. For more information about arriving in Finland and crossing the border, please contact the Finnish Border Guard, tel. +358 (0)50 597 2255 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Quarantine instructions for passengers returning to Finland

  • Passengers who are returning to Finland from abroad (from other countries than the Baltics, Norway, Iceland and Denmark) are obligated to remain in voluntary quarantine for 14 days. In voluntary quarantine, movement is restricted to commuting between the workplace and the home as well as other essential movement.
  • Arriving passengers must go home directly. Passengers are recommended to use their own car or a taxi, even though public transportation has commenced. Remember to avoid contact, keep a safe distance, and proper hand hygiene during all transportation.
  • Passengers are handed further written instructions upon arrival.

Instructions for transferring passengers

  • A passenger transferring from a domestic flight to another flight must leave the gate area and return to the gate area via security and border control.
  • A passenger changing from one international flight to another does not need to leave the gate area. This measure enables us to direct passengers arriving from domestic and international flights to use separate routes and facilities.
  • Travelling to one’s own home country as a transit passenger through Helsinki Airport is allowed.
  • Passengers arriving from abroad may use domestic connection flights.

How to travel safely at Finavia airports

  • Please read our check-list for passengers: Check these before arriving at the airport
  • Please wear a mouth-nose protector, or a mask.
  • Pay attention to your hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser is available throughout the airport. If you need to cough, do so in your sleeve or use a tissue.
  • Please keep a safe distance from other passengers whenever possible. When travelling at the airport, sometimes keeping a distance from others can be difficult. Therefore, wearing a mask is important.

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Updated May 29th, 2020. Check-list for passengers: check these before arriving to the airport
Updated May 19th, 2020. Domestic connection flights are allowed.
Updated on May 14th, 2020. Voluntary quarantine and government transportation.