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Lentokoneeseen unohtuneet tavarat

Jos vaatteita tai tavaroita on unohtunut lentokoneeseen, katso yhteystiedot lentoyhtiöluettelosta.

Lentäjäntie 1 (Näytä kartalla)
ma-pe 9.00-17.00 ja la 9.00-15.00
0600 41006 (24h, ks. hinnat yrityksen kotisivuilta)
Hello! Yesterday a big brown wallet was lost in the cafe near the arrival terminal. How can I find out whether he is found or not?
Vadim Novgorodtsev • 14.9.2017
10 days ago I paid 5eur to hear something back about my forgotten hand luggage. It is absolutely weird that I have not received even automatic confirmation email saying smth like: thankyou, we received your request, here is your tracking number. Cannot understand how this could be possible in a country like Finland... called on the phone number provided here from Spain, was waiting for 20 minutes with no answer, waiting for the bill now... still cannot believe in such a poor service...
Max • 3.9.2017
I have paid 5 euros for the tracking but haven't heard anything back. It's now 3 weeks since I did this online. Incredible that you can't just phone and ask and that you have to pay in advance and have no chance of knowing if you are ever going to hear from them.
Satu • 17.8.2017
Won't let me pick the language on the keypad even though i keep pressing the accurate number on my phone so i'm stuck in a ridiculous loop listening to a robot repeat the language options. Trying to call from Spain, this is ridiculous.
Aimee • 2.8.2017
Incredibly expensive. 5 Euro to log a ticket online but no way to track your ticket online. Marvelously my glasses got found two weeks after I lost them. Interesting. Now the big bill happened: 60 Euro to ship them back to Germany within the EU. Actual cost for L&F: 10 Euro. Gain: 50 Euro. Awesome business model.
Mike • 18.7.2017
I get my passport back 1 week after the lost. Thanks a lot!
Annika Zhang • 4.7.2017
Great service. I am not worried anymore if I lost something on airport.
Sandesh poudel • 30.5.2017
It's the only place I heard need pay money for just inquires the lost. Amazing
scar • 17.4.2017
I just receive my eyeglasses in a few days after leaving Helsinki. Thank you so much, once again, for your efficiency and your kindness. The people involved in the process have been so helpfull. Perfect!
David • 3.4.2017
Paying for inquiries is sick.
Alexander Kazantsev • 3.4.2017
Paying just for the inquiry is insane. I understand that I need to pay for the processed item, but the long queues on the phone and the web form fee are just a way of leeching off people that have no other choice than to pay.
Leo • 28.3.2017
Awesome help finding my computer and getting it to me
James Scott • 10.3.2017
SURKEAA toimintaa. Lennolle jääneitä tavaroita ei löydy koska niitä ei merkata esim. lennon numerolla vaan yritetään etsiä tuntomerkkien perusteella" Kerrotko miltä makeispussi näytti? tai tuliaiskosmetiikan tuntomerkit.." Kuka erottaa purkit toisistaan muistikuvien perusteella? Siinä sitten selaillaan tietokoneelta sattuisiko löytymään listalta kirjoitettuihin kuvauksiin sopivia tavaroita ja maksua kertyy. Alkeellista aikaa vievää räpellystä eli erittäin paljon kehitettävää toimintatavoissa.
Rajala • 20.2.2017
Paivi Raisanen • 4.2.2017
Olen tosi tyytyvainen.
Riitta Ahonen • 4.2.2017
Do NOT call there on the weekends / outside of office hours. Even though it states it's a "24/7" service the answer you will get is LITERALLY "mä en voi auttaa tänään / I can't help you today as it's Sunday". So you first pay 3,56€ per minute to wait in line to be then told to call back during office hours.
Jess • 29.1.2017
Noin kymmenen puhelua ja ilmoitin että haluan tavaran takaisin mahdollisimman nopeasti. 6 päivää Tukholmaan on huono suoritus...
Kimmo Ainamo • 4.1.2017
Puhelin linja turhan kallis, mutta palvelu moitteetonta. Kiitos ^^
Sampe • 31.12.2016
Fast and friendly service, I've got my item back (an ID and card book) in 1 day after my flight. Thank you!!!
Huong Ngo • 16.12.2016
Nice people, good process by email, quick answer from the lost and found service. I recieved my items today and I am very thankfull.
Delphine Boumier • 14.12.2016
Hyvää ja nopeaa palvelua! Ilmoitus löytyneestä iPadista tuli nopeasti ja nouto onnistui mutkitta.
Timo • 14.12.2016
HyvaaGood and fast service. I got my computer back the next day I have left it on plane.
Marek • 3.12.2016
Pleasant service personnel and good process with notification to my email of the found goods! Good job!
Jaripetri Kalske • 3.12.2016
En olisi uskonut loytavani 9kk sitten hukkunutta padia, Kiitos!
Anna • 3.12.2016
Soitin viime lauantaina aamulla n klo 9.30 ja puhelimeen vastasi mies, joka mainitsi vastaavansa pääasiassa lentokentän löytötavaroista. Hänen ystävällisellä avullaan lähijunaan jäänyt espanjalaisen vaihto-oppilaan reppu löytyi. Toivottavasti saatte näillä tiedoilla selvitettyä, kenelle voi vielä uudelleen välittää kiitokset hyvästä palvelusta!
Kh • 30.11.2016
Upea homma! Asiallinen ja erittäin ystävällinen palvelu, kiitos.
Tommi Heinonen • 25.11.2016
Kiitos hyvasta Toyota!
Danail suvandzhiev • 17.11.2016
Kiitos hyvästä ja nopeasta toiminnasta. Itse en pitänyt kalliina, koska oma mokahan se oli kun kelloni unohdin.
heidi Vähäkuopus • 16.11.2016
Excellent and fast service
Petri laine • 15.11.2016
Mahtavaa palvelua
Hanna mikkotervo • 12.11.2016
Hyva palvelu. Hieman kallis tiedustella.
Sulevi • 11.11.2016
Hienosti Toimii, Kiitos!
Jani Kohonen • 8.11.2016
Kiitos hyvästä palvelusta, jonka ansiosta sain kelloni takaisin.
Tuula Reini • 15.10.2016
Fantastic lost and found service.
Claude Peeters • 15.10.2016
Matti Eriksson • 15.10.2016
Be aware!! Absolutely disgusted with their calling rates. I have paid more than 30 euros in two phone calls and haven't seen or heard of the souvenir bag that I lost at the Helsinki airport. Check the call rates before you call!! You also pay for queuing. Horrible service!"CUSTOMER SERVICE IN FINLAND TEL.+358 600 41006, 24H MON-FRI 9-18, SAT 9-15 1,98EUR/MIN+LNC. MON-FRI 18-09, SAT 00-09, 15-24 2,95EUR/MIN+LNC. SUN AND HOLIDAYS 24H 3,56EUR/MIN+LNC."
Hanna Virtanen • 3.10.2016
Ridiculous that you have to pay, so I will try from this way. I lost my phone on 24th of September 2016, on the toilet, after the flight from Bangkok to Helsinki, before the passport control. If someone has it please give it back to the lost and found. I want my pictures back from my holidays. Thank you!!
Laurence • 25.9.2016
Unfortunately my experience not as good as you guys. I was travelling from Singapore to Helsinki on 08Sep16 on AY082 and left my Iphone 6plus in the aircraft. Had called and still unable to find till todate. So sad :(
Gabriel Watt • 19.9.2016
Travelling from Germany to Tokyo via Helsinki and lost an item on the airport. Not too bad normally - now I find it will cost 5€ just to email you to see if has been found...Very disappointed!!
Lars T • 18.9.2016
No way of making an enquiry without payng? Are you for real? This is a farce
Roger Bolton • 10.9.2016
I find it really weird that if something is fogotten in the plane you cannot simply call Finnair and ask if they can hold it for you until you are next at the airport. Instead the stuff is flown to Helsinki or wherever which not only takes time but also costs. Paying more for a lousier service; yep, sounds like Finland.
Jyri Jokinen • 5.9.2016
Very annoyingly there is no way to get in touch with them without paying . Also I was wrongfully charged twice for making my one initial report. After informing me they would look into it, they have been processing my request on returning the money for nearly a month now . And no answer regarding the missing item.
TS • 31.8.2016
Was not able to call the contact number for the lost and found department. Reporting the lost item required a payment to be made from which page you could not return to the lost and found page. Extremely frustrating all round!
Steve Firth • 23.8.2016
System worked great
David • 13.8.2016
Reliable and polite!
A.Ojala • 12.8.2016
Great service, great assistence
Guimaraes • 12.8.2016
Excellent service Ina time of need!
Joonas • 28.7.2016
Hakon Grav • 9.7.2016
Good and reliable service.
Marie • 9.7.2016
I wish I had read the reviews first.. Called the service number late in the evening when I noticed my daughter had forgotten her phone on the plane. I knew it will cost but not that there is nothing they can do when the office is closed! So I paid for the information that I have to call back when the office is open! They should tell this basic information on the website and also when you are put on hold. They did not even collect any infomation about our lost phone or contact details so that they could inform me the next day.
Jenni • 5.7.2016
Fast and good. Perfect
Mary • 1.7.2016
Perfect service! Thank you!
Mike • 30.6.2016
Arrived late in the evening and realised I had left my wallet on the plane. Spoke to the lost and found team the next morning whom took all my details and then confirmed within 2 hours that it had been found ! Picked up in the afternoon before flying home with all contents still intact. Excellent service and was so happy to be reunited with my wallet !
Simon Boon • 3.6.2016
Hienosti toimii!
Joni • 27.5.2016
Great Service. Lost my key Card for the car, and it was found from a Finnair flight from Copenhagen. Next day, it was put at lost and found, and same day they delivered it for TNT Express as I could show them a Swift with payment of the small fee. Great and fast service. Thanks.
Henrik Sahlberg • 26.5.2016
Asiallista ja erittäin ystävällistä palvelua. Turvatarkastukseen jätämäni samsungin tabletti oli noudettavissa heti matkalta palattuani. Puhelimitse tiedustelu oli vaivatonta ja nopeaa ja jos se maksoi enemmän kuin normaali puhelinmaksu niin halvemmaksi se kuitenkin tuli kuin ostaa uusi tabletti joka kuitenkin sisälsi itselle tärkeitä valokuvia ym. Kuten myös hakiessani kadottamani tavaran maksettava 21,40e . Tyhmyydestä ja tässä tapauksessa muistamattomuudesta maksetaan ja tässä tapauksessa lasku jäi pieneksi. Kiitos paljon.
Sini Hartikainen • 24.5.2016
Great Service! Glad to have my camera back! Many thanks
Mervie Campbell • 10.5.2016
Todella surkeaa "palvelua", mikään muu ei kiinnosta kuin rahastus. Miksi sinne voi ylipäätään soittaa 24/7 ja maksaa siitä pyhäisin 4 euroa minuutti kun ainoa vastaus on että soita seuraavana arkipäivänä jolloin toimisto on auki (ma-pe 9-17) ja jolloin sinne ylipäätään löytötavaroita viedään? Asenne on muutenkin "mitä sä tänne soittelet", käsittämätöntä!
ala-arvoista • 29.4.2016
Kiitos hyvä,
Masashi Okuda • 28.4.2016
The service is excellent. Thanks for getting me back my lost Nikon digital camera. Kiitos.
Radha Subramanian • 26.4.2016
Palvelukokemus on surkea. Yleensä kannatan kaiken yksityistämistä, mutta tässä näkee, että aina se ei toimi. Asiakkaista ei piitata lainkaan ja heitä rahastetaan kaikin tavoin. Todella törkeä palvelu.
Pettynyt • 18.4.2016
Kiitos paljon!
Jukka • 2.4.2016
Good service!
Antoine Levy • 2.4.2016
Worst service I have ever encountered. Still no answer or feedback from them more than three weeks later. And not being able to contact them again without having to pay more money is just ridiculous!!
Eva-Maria • 29.3.2016
Passi hukkunut pääsiäislauantaina, luvattu tietoja vasta tiistaina puolen päivän aikaan. Entä jos pitäisi mennä tässä välissä matkoille?
Kimmo K • 26.3.2016
Excellent and very competent service, got my macbook back in 2 days from Helsinki to Copenhagen. Thanks guys
Thomas B • 17.3.2016
Very efficient thank you very much
Carmen Ene • 12.3.2016
Helped to find my iPad which I left at security in Helsinki airport. The number is incorrect on the card, so we had to call Helsinki airport to obtain the correct number. This is also a lost and found fee which is unfortunate, however it is worth it given that the iPad was retrieved!
Madeline • 12.3.2016
Hyva palvelu!
Katrina Pallas • 12.3.2016
Voisiko ilmoittaa jo nettisivuilla, että vaikka löytötavaratoimiston puhelinpalvelu on 24 h, palvelua ei saa enää klo 17 jälkeen? Ei tarvitsisi jonottaa maksullisesti kymmentä minuuttia kuullakseen asiasta.
muille tiedoksi • 3.3.2016
Säälittävä tapa rahastaa, ei riitä että kadottaa tavaransa ja joutuu stressaamaan missä oma läppäri pyörii ja löytyyköhän kadotettu tavara, sitten näistä kehdataan vielä repiä kiskurihintoja. Niin kuin joku mainitsi niin lentokentälle tämä on win win, joko rahastetaan typerillä tiedustelumaksuilla, tai sitten myydään löydetty tavara. Harmi että Helsingissä ei voi valita lentokenttää.
Pitäkööt tunkkinsa • 24.2.2016
Kiitos teille! Unohdin koneeseen iPadin. Soitin teille seuraavana aamuna. Kerroitte minulle ilouutisen, että iPadini on jo teillä, tervetuloa hakemaan! Helpotus oli hirmuinen, koska laite sisätää valtavan määrän henkilökohtaista tietoa, jota voidaan käyttää väärin väärissä käsissä. Onhan laitteella hintaakin. Palvelunne oli loistavaa ja ystäällistä. Kympin arvoinen suoritus!
Ari • 19.2.2016
Glad to have my stuff back. Cheers!
Festa • 18.2.2016
Homemade Toimii hienosti!!
Satu • 6.2.2016
Great service, very happy to have my jacket back.
Eric Lovi • 6.2.2016
This is ridiculous. 5 euros for an email inquiry, emails are checked 1-2 times a week. Thank you for taking advantage of my misery! I'll in the future think thrice whether I will consume anything at this airport. Due to airport monopoly in the Helsinki region this is I guess the only thing once can do in form of private protest!
David • 26.1.2016
The service is very BAD. Seems like they make a lot of money by not picking up phone it cost 2 EURO for a minute where you will que for more then 10 to 15 mins. & still no answer. I hope the airport give this service to someone else. People already lost there things & they need to get it back somehow we are already worried how to get it back & we are the one who have to pay it. Very sad.
Shivani • 25.1.2016
The one star means that I finally the airport lost and found on the web site. However, as I read the comments (all extremely negative) I came to the understanding that my husband would never get his tablet back without paying as much or likely more than what I paid for it. The cost of just inquiring (2 to 3 eu per minute) about it and even the cost of storage until you can have someone pick it up and send it, is telling us the airline customers that money is their business not customer service. I know that these items are sold after some time so the company wins in two ways. Charging for calls and selling the items. In the US we have always held the Finish people in high regard. However, based on the reviews and just my own experence of having to spend 2 hours just finding the web site using my computer and dialing the number and being told that you can only call if you have certain browsers. I strongly feel that someone needs to look into this department.
Nancy Schnore • 25.1.2016
Löytötavarafirman internet-tiedustelu maksaa 5 euroa!
Matka Kalle • 17.1.2016
I must say i find the service bad. For one, it costs between 2 and 3.5 euro Per Minute (!!) to call them to ask about a lost item. They let me call back for a couple of days with messages like: it did not turn up yet, call tomorrow, before founding out on day 4 that it takes a few days in general before it even comes in their posession. I have the feeling this is how they earn their money. Also, at one point my call was transferred to a switchbox and I got the message the line was taken and I should call back, and the line was disconnected!!!!!!! That also cost me 2 euro's, to get disconnected. It can be easily said I am not very satisfied with this service..
Tessa Gilbert • 14.1.2016
This is the worst service ever!! I lost my bag and tried to enquery it. In addition to a super non-professional service, I had to pay a fortunet for QUEUING to the service. This sucks and the airport should change this service immediately! Horrible
john andersson • 8.1.2016
Sähköpostiosoiteelle olisi todellakin suurta kysyntää! Opiskelijana ei ole varaa maksaa melkein kahta euroa minuutilta kun yrittää puhelimen kautta tiedustella lentokoneeseen kadonneen kaulahuivin perään.
Aura Partanen • 21.12.2015
Missä sähköposti osoite löytötavaroihin? Itse unohdin tax free ostokseni LH Frankfurtin koneeseen ja antoivat käyntikorti lost &foundiin, kehottivat laittamaan sähköpostia ja kas kummaa kassi löytyi ja lähettävät sen kotiin! Helsingin lost&found yhteystietoja erittäin vaikea saada, googlamalla antaa vain Suomen löytötavara palvelun erittäin kalliin palvelunumeron! Sekin sijaitsee mäkelänkadulla! Helsinki Vantaan pitäisi olla jonkin näköinen hubi Aasiaan, tässä teillä paljon kehittämistä, uskoisin että herättää ärtymystä kun toteaa kuinka hankalaa on etsiä unohtamiaan tavaroita Helsinki Vantaalta.
Matti Vanamo • 2.11.2015

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