Waste generated at airports include waste from maintaining and repairing buildings, equipment and machines, restaurants, cafés, shops and airport offices as well as occasional house and land construction projects.

In addition to waste generated by Finavia’s own operations, Finavia manages waste caused by businesses operating at the airport according to separate contracts. Each operator is responsible for hazardous waste generated as a result of their operations.

Food waste from air traffic from outside the EU is subject to EU’s by-products regulation. The primary responsibility for waste generated by air traffic is on producers of the waste i.e. airlines and ground-forwarding companies.

Finavia handles airport waste management in accordance with environmental permits and local waste management regulations. Finavia also encourages passengers to sort their wastes. Helsinki Airport, for example, has clearly marked containers for different types of waste.

Substances and items confiscated from passengers at the security check will be submitted waste management and treated properly.

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