Scanning instructions

  1. Insert the a plug into an eTolppa socket.
  2. Scan the QR code or NFC tag from a sticker attached to the eTolppa.
  3. The activation service opens in the phone's Internet browser.
  4. Choose heating or electric car charging.
  5. Heating: Enter the time, when your when you wish the car to be heated and your own telephone number into the service. You will receive an SMS with a link that you can use to change your exit time.
    Electric car charging: Activate the service.
Instructions for car heating and charging service.

SMS instructions

  1. Write the SMS as follows: ET(spacebar)OU#number of the parking space(spacebar)time when you want the car to be ready, in the format hhmm(spacebar)date in the format ddmmyy. For example ET OU#54 1500 220113
  2. Send it to 16130

Finavia does not guarantee the operation of the heating and charging services at all times. Finavia is not responsible for direct or indirect damage, losses, or costs arising from the use of the service or the interpretation of its content.