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Helsinki Airport is the third best airport for passengers waiting for their flight

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24.10.2014 at 06:00
Interior of Kainuu Lounge at Helsinki airport.
The website, which rates the resting and sleeping facilities at international airports, has ranked Helsinki Airport as the world's third most ”sleep-friendly” airport after Singapore Changi Airport and Seoul's Incheon Airport.

Year after year, Helsinki Airport has ranked high on this list assessing comfort and convenience. This year, Helsinki Airport's ranking improved again from the previous year.

– Finavia has worked for a long time to make travel as stress-free and soothing as possible for passengers at Helsinki Airport to counter the hustle and bustle of large European airports, says Airport Director Ville Haapasaari, who is delighted by these new results.

According to Haapasaari, one third of flight passengers choose the transit airport based on its reputation or on their prior experiences.

In addition to the ease and reliability of changing aircraft, factors affecting their decision include diverse services such as free Wi-Fi, peaceful sleeping and working areas, and diverse restaurant and café services.

SleepingInAirports complements Helsinki Airport as an innovative and transit passenger-friendly airport. In addition to good resting facilities and diverse services, the website mentions the TravelLab project carried out last summer.

– Our goal is to improve the customer experience. We have done this together with passengers by including them in the development work and by utilising the possibilities of social media, Haapasaari says.

We have created and tested new concepts with passengers in the Quality Hunters and TravelLab projects. As a result, we have created new services such as the yoga studio, Kainuu resting space, a book exchange location and an art gallery, which the site also mentions in their review.

For the past 18 years, has been reviewing airport services and the level of comfort from the point of view of passengers waiting for their flights.


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