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TOP 10 tips: What can you do at Helsinki Airport while waiting for your flight?

Article published
4.7.2015 at 06:00
Passenger sitting at book swap.
The airport has paid special attention to ensuring that passengers have plenty of nice ways to spend their time before taking off. Watch the video or print the list and take it with you.

1. There is free access for all to Everyman's Lounge, where you can sit and relax in a calm environment while you wait. The KainuuLoungeis furnished with chairs made of trees blown down in storms. These ergonomic chairs and soft rugs create a relaxing feeling in the lounge. Access is free of charge.

Location: Gate 31
Open: 24 h


2. Kainuu Lounge also has a Book Swap point where you can pick up something to read on your trip and leave the books you've already read. Access is free of charge.

Location: Gate 31
Open: 24 h


3. Art Gallery hosts temporary art and design exhibitions. Through the end of 2015 the gallery is showing an extensive photographic exhibition by Aho & Soldan, Sibelius & Images from Finland. Access is free of charge.

Location: Gate 38
Open: 24 h


4. If you want to use your laptop away from everybody else's eyes, read your files, or make calls, just find your nearest Suvanto. These rest and work spots provide sight and hearing shields, electrical outlets, and desk space. Access is free of charge.

Location: Gates 16–17, 18–19, and 37
Open: 24 h

5. If you are after some peace or a nap, GoSleep pods are the thing for you. Appreciated worldwide, they offer a comfortable seat that can become an ergonomic bed. The pull-over cover provides isolation from ambient noise and light. The pod also incorporates an electrical socket and space for your hand baggage under the seat. Pillows and blankets are available.

Open: 24 h
Fee: 9 euro/hour.


6. Sports enthusiasts would do well to stop at O'Learys, a restaurant that brings some Boston feeling to the airport. The big, 37-inch TV screen shows sports non-stop, and the restaurant also offers a games corner and a mini-theatre.

Location: Gate 29, 2nd floor

7. Helsinki Airport has four play areas for children to ensure the little ones can get rid of some energy before the flight. Parents can use the time to relax while the children have fun with the slides and toys. The play areas have suitable equipment for both older and younger kids, and some of them include baby changing facilities. Access is free of charge.

Location: Gates 16, 20, 30, and 38
Open: 24 h

8. Finavia offers free WiFi for all passengers at Helsinki Airport. There is unlimited usage, and the connection is fast (100 Mbs) and easy to use. There is no need for logon IDs. Access is free of charge.

Location: entire terminal
Open: 24 h

9. Children and anyone interested in aviation will enjoy seeing the Convair 340 aircraft engine, which is over 60 years old. You can start the twin-row radial engine with a 1-euro coin.

Location: Terminal 1, check-in area
Open: 24 h
Fee: 0 euro/1 euro

10. An aviation-themed photograph exhibition is an interesting place to visit for all visitors to the terminal. Photo Gallery puts on new exhibitions every six months or so. The current one, Blue Wings of Time, shows great photos of air hostesses and a 'making of' video. The exhibition is open until the end of 2015. Access is free of charge.

Location: Terminal 2, arrivals area 2A
Open: 24 h

If you are a departing passenger, click here to find your flight schedule and gate. You will also see the services available near your gate. The flight information is maintained and updated by the browser. You can also e-mail the same information to yourself so it is easily accessible on portable devices.

Have a good flight!