Ancient magic of Lapland can easily be experienced with us. It takes roughly an hour to fly from Helsinki Airport to six destinations in Lapland – landing right in the middle of exotic northern nature.

Lapland Airports have put a lot of effort into making one of the most interesting parts of the globe easily reachable round the year. With Lapland Airports the North is near.

Enontekiö (ENF)

The airport in Sámi land is located in the western part of North Calotte Region. Enontekiö is Europe´s last remaining Arctic wilderness at the intersection of three national borders, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Ivalo (IVL)

The airport for wilderness and trekking. Ivalo Airport is the northernmost airport in Finland, and also the oldest passenger airport in Lapland. Ivalo has good connections to northern Norway and Murmansk.

Kemi-Tornio (KEM)

Airport of Sea-Lapland where you can visit an icebreaker or snow castle right from the airport.

Kuusamo (KAO)

The active holidaymaker's airport in nature's bosom. Kuusamo – exciting location at the Arctic Circle and near the Russian border, world-class quality tourist services and facilities within the heart of breathtakingly beautiful nature.

Kittilä (KTT)

Kittilä Airport is a gateway to the area where six high quality, unique destinations are located within a one hour radius. Airport in the hub of tourist centres Levi and Ylläs.

Rovaniemi (RVN)

Rovaniemi Airport is Santa’s Official Home Airport, located directly on the Polar Circle. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and the centre of Barents region located in the Arctic Circle. It’s a city in the middle of nature and there is a wide variety of nature attractions in city surrounding.