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Changes in drive lanes and bus stops in front of terminal 2 - prepare for congestion

Article published
29.1.2019 at 14:46
Empty bus inside
The construction work at Helsinki Airport goes on and will cause traffic changes near Terminal 2 from 4 February.

The driveway on the front of the Terminal 2 entry level becomes one-lane. Please note that stopping in front of the terminal doors is only allowed briefly, for dropping passengers who come to the airport.

The space in front of terminal 2 is now narrower than before, so even short-term parking or leaving the vehicle is forbidden. There is a dedicated parking area in parking hall P3 for short-term parking.

Buses no longer run to the departing level, but leave and take passengers on board at the arrivals level. See the new bus stop locations on the map.

The travelators located in the ground floor of the terminal and outdoors in front of the terminal will be closed on 3 February. For the time being, moving between the terminal floors is only possible indoors in the terminal. New travelators are will be built.

The changes are part of Finavia's giant investment in Helsinki Airport. The aim of the development program is to expand the airport and prepare to serve 30 million passengers and to secure the position of Helsinki Airport as the leading Nordic airport and a popular European exchange airport.

We apologize for noise and other disturbances caused by the work.

See here how the parking has changed

HSL buses and Finnair City Bus operate only from Terminal 2