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Finavia awarded the Marketing Research Act of the Year 2019 prize

Article published
9.5.2019 at 16:17
Kuva markkinointitutkimusteko
The Finnish Association of Marketing Research Agencies (FAMRA) gives out a yearly award for the best marketing research act in Finland. In the year 2019 the award was given to Finavia for the comprehensive research done within the Helsinki Airport development program.

“Finavia has successfully used versatile research data in the decision making in the Helsinki Airport development program aiming at creating a world-class airport concept”, tells FAMRA.

For years, Finavia has been building a knowledge-based management culture where customer insight and the view of the customer is in the heart of the decision making. There is an internal research unit in Finavia responsible for providing the organisation with a wide scale of data.

The Marketing Research Act of the Year 2019 award was given to Finavia’s Head of Customer Experience Sanna Vatjus, who is leading Finavia’s research team.

“Our organisation is always eager to learn more about our customers, and the voice and the opinions of the customers have an important role in our processes. By providing research data, we can support the customer orientation inside Finavia and within the airport network. To be able to constantly develop our services, we monitor, how we as a network succeed in delivering a smooth customer experience and high-class service to our customers. This requires versatile and long-term research. The main indicator for our work is the customer satisfaction”, says Vatjus.

Data guides the development program at the Helsinki Airport

In the Helsinki Airport Development Program, research data has been collected and utilized since the early planning phase. During the building process, real-time indicators like feedback is used to point out the sticking points in the customer journey, so that the they can be solved quickly.

The Marketing Research Act of the Year 2019 prize was given to Finavia in an event organized by FAMRA on May 8, 2019. In 2018 the award was given to Lidl.