Picking up and dropping off passengers

When you are dropping off or picking up passengers by car, you can use the short-term parking facilities. If you have spare time, you can have a cup of coffee or lunch at the airport, and do your groceries in the arrivals hall.

Dropping off passengers

Passengers departing from Helsinki Airport can be dropped off in front of the main entrance of the airport. Please note that parking is not allowed in front of the main entrance, only drop-offs. If you want to have a cup of coffee at the airport or otherwise visit the terminal, you can use the short term-parking or P2-parking next to the terminal.

Picking up passengers

When picking up passengers from Helsinki Airport, you can drive to Short Term parking in front of the Arrivals hall.

You can also use the P2-parking which is located next to the terminal. There is a direct indoor connection from P2 to the terminal.

By parking your car next to the terminal, you can have a cup of coffee or even do your groceries while waiting for an arriving flight.