Take it easy and relax between flights in peace and privacy inside a convenient GoSleep pod.

We want to provide our passengers an opportunity to travel stress-free and take a nap between long flights.

GoSleep pod is a Finnish innovation where passengers can rest safe from bypassers and airport noise in the middle of the hectic airport. The ergonomic seat/bed can be used for 15 minutes or for several hours in a row.

You can conveniently stove away your hand luggage under the seat and pull up a cover that will isolate you from light and noise. The seat has a power point for charging your phone or laptop.

The GoSleep main operating service area is at Gate 11. Prices starting from €6 per hour. You can pay with cash or the most common credit cards to the on-site staff. You can try the service at Finnair Lounge Gate 50 A-M. Finnair Lounge customers can try out the service free of charge in the lounge

Helsinki Airport is the first airport in Europe to offer such service.

More information, feedback and reservations: [email protected]