Johan&Nyström serves artisan coffee and seasonal beverages. Let our extensive offering and high quality charm you.

Would you like a cappuccino, pressed coffee or flavoured rooibos tea? Our extensive coffee and tea range is unmatched. You can comfortably have a hot beverage relaxing on our soft sofas.

If you would like to eat something, you can try a sandwich with peanut butter and sun-dried tomato, for example.

Even though we offer several options, the choice will not be difficult. Tell our barista about the beverages you like and they will give recommendations. Even if you were familiar with a coffee beverage, skilled hands can make it actually very different. The coffee variety, method of processing the coffee berries and coffee making method all have effects on the taste.

The coffee we use is roasted manually and slowly to allow all flavours to develop over time. Our roasters date back to 1956.

In addition to good coffee and tea, our cafeteria is renowned for us providing information about their origin and farmers as well as the effect of roasting on the flavour. We favour Fair Trade and Direct Trade products.

You can also buy coffee, coffee presses and other products to go.

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