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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Mirko Rantala

02.01.2017 kl 09:00
When Helsinki Airport needs new signs or a new soundscape in the departure hall, Customer Experience Champion Mirko Rantala is involved.

”Since I was a little boy, I’ve been fascinated by aircrafts and travelling. That’s why I applied and got hired for Helsinki Airport’s customer service in 2013.

Today, I’m one of the four Customer Experience Champions at the airport. My job is to develop the
airport and its services to be as customer-friendly as possible. Customers, by the way, are not only the
millions of passengers, but also all the companies and people, who work at Helsinki airport.

Right now, a large chunk of my work load has to do with the renewal of the airport’s signs: all the hundreds of signs and displays at the airport will be switched to new ones in the near future. I am coordinating the work between designers, manufacturers, installers and mechanics. I’ve also been organizing a pilot of the new soundscape in the departure hall. In addition, I’m involved in projects that deal with facility design, passenger processes and the new expansion of Helsinki airport.

My job is busy, but highly motivating, as I get to see the development of the airport up close. I can’t think of another workplace in Finland that would be as diverse and international.”


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