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Why should I leave customer feedback at Helsinki Airport?

Article published
06.11.2019 kl 09:00
Customer satisfaction is constantly measured at Helsinki Airport. Based on the feedback, Finavia has arranged, for instance, more charging outlets for phones and seating.

Every visitor of Helsinki Airport has most likely come across devices measuring customer satisfaction that are placed around the airport’s parking areas, security control and departure gates. Based on the feedback, it’s evaluated how smooth the services are and how likely it is for a visitor to recommend the airport to others.

We asked Finavia’s Passenger Experience Co-ordinator Sini Heliövaara when passengers are most satisfied and why it is important to give feedback.

1. Travellers are more satisfied around noon

In addition to valuable feedback, customer satisfaction devices also reveal the time of day that passengers are most satisfied. According to the results, satisfaction is at its peak during mid-morning from 10AM onwards. On the other hand, the level of satisfaction is lower during early mornings and afternoons.

”By following the data, it’s easy to see that rush hours in the mornings and afternoons affect passengers’ satisfaction. For example, it takes more time to go from one gate to another during these times, which can cause a feeling of being in a hurry. This can certainly affect satisfaction,” explains Heliövaara.

The devices near security control measure smoothness, whereas likelihood of recommendation is measured in the parking areas and near departure gates. The feedback is utilised in the development of the airport’s services.

2. Passenger feedback has led to new phone charging outlets and places to sit

In addition to the customer satisfaction devices, Helsinki Airport collects feedback through social media. Facebook and Twitter are similar channels of customer service to phone calls or inquiry forms. According to Heliövaara this seems to be a very natural channel for passengers to send development ideas and appreciation.

”I recommend that everyone, who has visited Helsinki Airport take a couple of minutes to give feedback through the airport’s devices for example. It’s important that we know what our customers want, so we can offer it to them – especially now as renovations in the terminal are underway,” says Heliövaara.

By following the customer feedback, the people of Helsinki Airport can react quickly if there are too few seats near a specific gate by rearranging the benches. In addition, feedback has highlighted how important phone charging outlets are. This has been taken into account in all new furniture acquisitions, and currently all new benches have charging outlets.

3. Helsinki Airport’s personnel have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction

With every renewal at the airport, customer satisfaction increases. However, personnel have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction.

”Our personnel are in a key position when creating passenger experience. With a problem-solving mindset and empathetic attitude, one employee can change a customer’s experience and go beyond their expectations! We constantly train our employees so every customer can have a good airport experience,” Heliövaara sums up.

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