How to get to Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport is easily reached from Helsinki city centre and elsewhere from Finland and its near regions.

You can arrive at Helsinki Airport easily by car, bike, taxi or using public transportation. We recommend booking parking beforehand. Pre-booking allows you to save money as well as use the add-on services e.g. the car cleaning service.

The buses and trains take you close to the terminals, and there is a fast and easy connection to the airport from e.g. Tikkurila station and Helsinki city centre. There are also comfortable bus and train connections taking you easily to Turku, Tampere or elsewhere in Finland.

There are flexible connections to the airport from Finland’s near regions, including St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm.


It is easy to arrive to Helsinki Airport by car and find a suitable parking option from Finavia’s parking halls or outdoor parking. Have a stress-free start for your travels by reserving your parking spot in advance. Have a look at our additional services and read more about parking.

Dropping off or picking up passengers?

You may drop off passengers in front of the airport's main entrance. If you are picking up a passenger, you may drive to the short term parking area located next to the arrivals hall. 

You may also drop-off and pick up passengers infront of Terminal 1.

Taxis may also drop off passengers in front of the airport's main entrance. Arriving passengers may find the new taxi station alongside the arrivals hall of terminal 2. 


Helsinki Airport has an area for parking bikes, which is located next to the bus station alongside Helsinki Airport's Arrivals hall on floor 1.

The bike parking area is covered and has camera surveillance.


Airport buses

Buses take you close to the terminals smoothly. There are various bus connections to the airport from Helsinki city centre, Turku, Tampere and elsewhere in Finland. Airport buses, including Finnair City Bus have frequent daily connections to the airport. Read more about buses.

Airport train

Reaching Helsinki Airport by train is easy from all over Finland and St. Petersburg. Trains P and I operate daily from Helsinki city centre to the airport. You can also purchase a ticket directly to the airport in long-distance trains. Read more about trains.


Various taxi agencies operate between the airport and Helsinki city centre, and other nearby towns. Please find out beforehand from which terminal your flight departs, and the taxi will drop you off right in front of the right terminal. Read more about taxis.

Car rental

There are five car rental branches at Helsinki Airport. Their service desks are located in the corridor between Terminals 1 and 2. You can also hire a car beforehand on the rental company’s website or by calling them. Read more about renting a car.

Ferries and cruise ship connections to Tallinn

There are convenient ferry connections between Helsinki and Tallinn, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. The ferry operators serving the routes are Viking Line, Tallink Silja and Eckerö Line. Even though the ships operating the routes are ferries, they often share the same amenities as cruise lines. The cruise journey between the Baltic cities is an experience itself!

The ferries operate from three harbours in central Helsinki: Katajanokka terminalOlympia terminal at the South Harbour and Terminals 1 and 2 at the West Harbour.

Routes between Helsinki Airport and the harbours

Viking Line ferries to Tallinn operate from Katajanokka terminal, Tallink Silja and Eckerö Line operate from the West Harbour. 

Cruise ships to Stockholm operate from Olympia terminal at the South Harbour and Katajanokka, and to St. Petersburg from the West Harbour.

To Helsinki Airport from the harbours

You can take a taxi directly from the harbour to the airport. There are also frequent tram connections between all of the harbours and Helsinki city centre. You can take a tram from any of the passenger ports to the Central Railway Station and catch a bus or train to Helsinki Airport. 

See all bus and train connections from city centre to Helsinki Airport. 

If you are bringing your car on a ferry, find and pre-book a suitable parking option from Finavia’s parking halls or outdoor parking.  

To the harbours from Helsinki Airport

You can take a taxi directly from the airport to any of the harbours. As well, you can reach the city centre by a train or a bus from Helsinki Airport, and from there catch a tram to the central passenger harbours. Please visit HSL website to find up-to-date information about reaching the harbours from the Central Railway Station.


Having a stopover in Helsinki? Why not include an overnight cruise or a day trip to Tallinn in your journey? Tallinn is a perfect destination for a day trip and is only a few hours away from Helsinki. The city is full of restaurants, bars, museums and gorgeous gothic architecture. One of the main attractions is Tallinn’s Old Town, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are daily ferry services from Helsinki to Tallinn by Viking Line, Tallink Silja and Eckerö Line. 

Viking Line 

Viking Line ferries to Tallinn operate 2-3 times per day (from Katajanokka terminal).

Viking Line’s ferries operate from Katajanokka Harbour to Tallinn multiple times daily. Read more about Viking Line’s route connections and cruise offers  and book your trip online here.

Tallink Silja

Tallink Silja ferries to Tallinn operate up to eight times per day (from the West Harbour).

Find out more on Tallink Silja’s ferry routes, schedules, prices, and other useful information to help you book your trip here.

Eckerö Line

Eckerö Line ferries to Tallinn operate up to three times per day (from the West Harbour). 

Discover all Eckerö Line’s current ferry routes and the latest offers to book you trip online here

Old town of Tallinn.

Driving instructions and map to Helsinki Airport