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This site provides information on the terms and conditions that apply to season cards for general aviators. You will be able to find out when you can purchase a season card for your aircraft, where you can use your card and what your responsibilities as a season cardholder are.

Season card general terms and conditions 2020

These terms and conditions apply to all airport services provided by Finavia Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Finavia”) in Finnish airspace and at Finnish airports and to air navigation services provided by ANS Finland. The air navigation and airport services are also governed by Finavia’s (PDF) and ANS Finland’s current terms of services.

These terms and conditions for season cards will enter into force on 1 January 2020. Finavia reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions.

The landing, terminal navigation and parking fees for aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 2,000 kg may be paid in advance by purchasing a season card for the aircraft. The price of the season card is determined by the MTOW of the aircraft and the time of validity of the season card.

In accordance with Finavia’s terms of services, sailplanes and powered sailplanes are exempt from the landing and terminal navigation fees, with the exception of Helsinki Airport. 

Each season card applies to one aircraft only.

Once an order has been placed, the consumer may change or cancel the card within two days of placing the order by contacting the air traffic invoicing department [email protected].

The consumer has no further right to cancel or change the order after this. The consumer’s right to cancel is restricted under Chapter 6, section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act.

In the event of a dispute between the consumer and Finavia regarding the service, the matter can be brought to the Consumer Disputes Board via, for instance, the complaint form found on the Board’s website.

Season card types and discount for the transition period

We offer one type of season card: the recreational aviation card.

The professional aviation season card is no longer available after 1 July 2018. Operation-specific prices apply to professional aviation regardless of the aircraft size. The change will balance out the pricing in professional and commercial air traffic, and the fees charged will better cover the costs of the operation.

The effects of the change will be cushioned by a four-year transition period to allow more time to adapt to the change. By application, the following discounts on landing, terminal navigation and parking fees will be granted for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 2,000 kg:

1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019: 80% discount
1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020: 60% discount
1 July 2020 - 30 June 2021: 40% discount
1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022: 20% discount

Season cards and discounts do not apply to Helsinki Airport.

Discounts are granted on the basis of the registration number as of the application date from the e-mail address [email protected]. A discount cannot be granted retroactively. The discount will be valid for the whole transition period. 

A price example for operation-specific pricing: an aircraft whose maximum take-off weight (MTOW) is over 1,000 kg but less than 2,000 kg lands at an airport with an ATS 2 service level. The minimum landing fee is €30, and the terminal navigation fee is €15.44. An 80% discount will be granted on these in the first year, i.e. the landing fee will then be €6, and the terminal navigation fee will be €3.09 per landing. Value-added tax will be added to the prices.

Terms and conditions for recreational aviation season cards

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, recreational aviation refers to recreational, non-commercial aviation by private persons, associations and other similar parties, including recreational aviation activities and training provided by aviation clubs.

The season card for recreational aviation can be used to pay for the landing, terminal navigation and parking fees associated with recreational aviation in advance.

The prices for recreational aviation season cards will not change from 2019. Finavia wants to promote Finnish aviation culture and facilitate recreational aviation. We support general aviation at our airports across Finland by offering reasonable prices.

Validity period and areas covered by the season card

Recreational aviation season cards are valid at all Finavia airports excluding Helsinki Airport.

The season cards are available for a one, two, three, six or 12-month period. All season cards will expire at the end of the calendar year, regardless of the validity period chosen. 

The validity starts on the day you submit your order or on a later date. We are unable to backdate the validity of your season card.

The season card is valid during airport opening hours, as announced by Finavia. Season cardholders wishing to access the service at other times, must arrange such access separately with Finavia, as specified in the terms of services (PDF).

Responsibility for season card use

The season cardholder and the aircraft user agree to observe these terms and conditions and undertake to only use the season card for recreational purposes, during its period of validity and in the validity area.

In the event that a cardholder is found to have intentionally breached the season card terms and conditions, Finavia will be entitled to cancel the valid season card and to remove the entitlement to hold such a card for a reasonable period.

The owner, holder and user of the aircraft are jointly responsible for the costs of air navigation and airport services provided by Finavia, in accordance with Finavia’s terms of services.

Refunding the season card fee

In the event that an aircraft subject to a valid season card is removed from the aircraft register or proven to be not airworthy, Finavia will refund the season card fee upon written application. Finavia will refund any full calendar months remaining on the season card. An aircraft undergoing maintenance is not considered un-airworthy in this respect. The application must be submitted to Finavia within two months of the date the aircraft becomes not airworthy or is removed from the aircraft register.

Refunds are not available for any other reason except those referred to above.

Payment terms and conditions and additional information

If the customer fails to make payment for the season card fee by the due date, the season card shall be annulled by Finavia and operation-specific pricing shall apply, in accordance with the terms of services.

If a disagreement arising between a consumer customer and Finavia cannot be settled through negotiations between the parties, the consumer can bring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution. Prior to bringing the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the consumer advisory service offered by the Local Register Offices.

Order your season card now

By submitting the order, the season card customer agrees to follow these season card terms and conditions and declares having received the consent of the aircraft user for ordering the season card. The season card customer also assures that they have read the privacy policy (PDF) regarding collected personal data.

Please note that the season card order form uses local time, not UTC.

Order the season card by using the form on our website.

We will process all season card applications as quickly as possible. We will send the season card with payment details to your e-mail address as soon as possible.