Little Airport

Smooth travelling for our little customers and their families

A bit more fun

Nothing is more fun than travelling with the family. Travelling with kids is easy, rewarding and, most importantly, fun! Here are some little tips in advance.

Children's own passport

According to the new passport regulations, the child must have their own passport.


Check-in takes place according to the instructions of the airline you are using. Many airlines offer a check-in online or at a machine at the airport.

Don’t hesitate to try out the machines when travelling with family, as they will make your travels smoother. Check-in machines can be found at the airport's departure hall.  Their use is easy and we will be happy to help you to get started!


When the whole family is travelling, packing is an art of its own. There are many packing styles – most often it is noticed at the destination that there is too much baggage. Many experienced passengers think it’s best to distribute the contents of the suitcase tightly into smaller units. For example, vacuum bags can be used as real space savers, as you can suck the air out after sorting your belongings into them.

It's good for kids to practice packing their own luggage from an early age. School age kids can already compile a packing list that they can finally go through with an adult.

Be sure to pack books, games or other small-size leisure activities for the flight and when waiting at the airport.

Strollers and baby carriages

With regard to baby carriages, the practices vary according to the airline. Ask your airline for packing tips in advance or at check-in.

Pack the strollers and carriages into a protective bag, if they will be checked in as hold baggage. Some airlines give passengers a free of charge protective bag at check-in.

If you have to leave your own stroller at check-in, do not worry. Little passengers have the opportunity to continue their journey at the terminal in the airport's stroller.

Security control

Security control is an exciting place for little travellers. Security officers are happy to help travellers with children.

Bedtime friends and other toys also have to pass through the security check. It is good to let the child know about this in advance.

Baby food can be passed through a security check.  A baby is considered to be a child under 2 years of age who travels with a so-called infant ticket and does not have its own seating. Remember, however, to remove the food from the cabin baggage during the inspection and present it to the security officer. You may carry the needed amount of food and liquids during the flight in your hand baggage.

Baby food at the airport

The heating of your own baby food and baby bottle can be done at all restaurants and cafés at airports.

For slightly bigger children, you can ask for suitable drinks directly from restaurants and cafes. You can also contact them in advance by using the contact information provided on our website.

Baby care facilities

Baby changing can be done at the airport's toilet facilities using either a separate baby changing room or a baby changing station located in the toilet facilities.

Spot an aircraft

One of the most important activities at the airport is, of course, the spotting of different aircrafts. The colours, engines and long wings of the machines are great for being admired together.

Free Wi-Fi

Listening to movies, children's programmes and songs, say, on a tablet, is easy. A fast and free Wi-Fi connection is available for children regardless of their age and without separate login details.

Building the future of HEL

The airport will be outstanding but until it’s ready, the construction is mainly a nuisance. Arrive at the airport in good time and get to know the changes beforehand.