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Finavia renews airport security checkpoints

Article published
15.1.2013 at 07:50
The renewal is part of Finavia's goal of making your trip easier and enabling smoother security checks at airports. Surveys reveal that air passenger satisfaction regarding security checks has improved.

In December 2012, airport service provider Finavia introduced renewed security checkpoints at Helsinki, Turku and Oulu airports. The majority of passengers at Helsinki Airport pass through the renewed security checkpoints. A similar checkpoint will also be introduced at Vaasa Airport at the beginning of 2013. The purpose of the renewal is to also have smooth and pleasant security checks for passengers who visit airports only occasionally. New signs have been added, and the queuing area is now more comfortable and practical. Particular attention has been paid to customer service development. A survey executed in 2012 shows that the passenger satisfaction results improved from 2011 and the functionality of security checks were assessed as "excellent." ”Many renewal ideas and proposals regarding security checks have been created through cooperation with passengers, airlines and security check staff. Based on passenger feedback, we have added tables at the security checkpoints so that it is easier to empty your pockets and remove your belt before entering the check, says Ville Haapasaari, Director of Helsinki Airport. Passengers now receive instructions on the security check procedure in the form of pictures. Visual information clearly and compactly delivers the instructions, and this is why there is less text. People interpret pictures more quickly and understand them regardless of what language they speak. Asian transit passengers are separately catered for in the long-haul flight area. Information is available in English, Russian, Finnish and Swedish, as well as in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Security checkpoints have been made more welcoming with lighting and natural materials, such as wooden surfaces. The birch walls establish a peaceful atmosphere in the fresh, light spaces. The goal of this is to contribute to a positive idea of Finland among international passengers. The primary purpose of the security check is still to guarantee safe travel; visual factors and a good atmosphere are only secondary considerations. However, by changing the processes and procedures, the passenger experience can be affected positively. For example, we have successfully shortened the security check waiting time. Finavia regularly measures passenger satisfaction regarding security checks and other airport functions. Helsinki Airport is included in the international Airport Service Quality survey, which measures airport service quality. Other Finavia airports also measure passenger satisfaction. Finavia develops its operations through customer feedback, for example. You can check the security check waiting time at Helsinki Airport at The Transport Safety Agency is responsible for the stipulations concerning security checks in Finland. The Agency is also the national authority which monitors security checks. Finavia complies with the Agency's stipulations at its airport security checkpoints. The Agency's website provides more details about security checks: