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Finavia aims to have smooth air traffic during walkout

Article published
13.8.2013 at 06:30
Updated on August 13 at 9.30AM

The air traffic controllers of Finavia airports are back at work after the walkout on Monday August 12. The employees of Tampere Area Control Centre are back at their office by 5PM.

Finavia does everything it can to avoid any air traffic delays during the walkout.

During the walkout, supervisors will perform the air traffic control tasks.

The Area Control Centre coordinates overflights in Finnish airspace and air route traffic between different airports. The Centre coordinates about 270,000 flights per year.

Finavia ensures that traffic is controlled in a safe way during the walkout. The operations of Finavia are monitored by the Transport Safety Agency.

Air passengers should follow up-to-date flight data on the Finavia frontpage