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Finavia's autumn checklist for hunters

Press release
Article published
30.8.2013 at 12:47
In the autumn, many hunters go on a hunting trip by air. Finavia has compiled travel instructions for hunters. The instructions should be noted when carrying weapons and ammunition.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency has prepared detailed instructions for passengers who are going on a hunting trip and transport the weapons and ammunition. Following these guidelines you ensure as smooth travel as possible.

Cartridge and weapon transport is subject to a permit granted by the airline, and you must apply for this permit well in advance before your departure. The airline will give you more detailed instructions for packing the cartridges.


Up to five kilograms of ammunition for personal use may be carried onboard. They shall be transported in the cargo hold, not in hand baggage. The instructions say that the category of cartridges transported by air must be 1.4S and the UN number UN0012 or UN0014. Please note that cartridges that contain explosive or igniting bullets are not allowed on-board at all.

There are designated cartridge boxes available for cartridge transport. The boxes are designed to stay shut when in transit. Original cardboard packaging of cartridges may pop open during the trip unless it has been firmly taped. Also note that a cartridge belt is not an acceptable carrying method during a flight.

Hunters must ensure that cartridges remain in their packaging and that their detonators do not hit or scrub on anything in the bag during the flight.


Of course, weapons are also to be handled with particular care. According to the instructions, sport or hunting weapons transported in an aeroplane must be unloaded and in a robust packaging. Airline may ask you a written confirmation that the weapon is unloaded. Cartridges and the weapon must be transported in separate packaging.

If you have any questions about your flight and the transport of weapons, please contact your airline. It may also be the case that the airline, or your destination country, has stricter weapon and cartridge regulations than the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. The airline is entitled to refuse to transport passengers' cartridges and weapons by air.

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