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Women defy gravity in Helsinki Airport aviation display

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Article published
13.2.2014 at 10:38
An artwork of a woman in blue dress climbing onto an airplane.
There are many ways to get up in the air. The photo exhibition that opens at Helsinki Airport on Valentine's Day ( 14 February), will help you find yours.

Women leave the ground and float in the air in the airport’s Anti-Gravity Women photo exhibition. In this series of nine portraits by Krister Löfroth, each model defies gravity in her own way: some symbolically, others in reality.

The exhibition has been inspired by icons of aviation such as Icarus, the Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart, all of whom reached for the skies. They were not ready to settle for an ordinary life; they had a longing to find new meaning in their lives.

"Do not give in and become a victim of gravity; dare to dream and pursue your dream," Löfroth summarises the message of his pictures.

For Löfroth, photography is a means of rising above everyday life, of capturing a flicker of emotion and making it eternal.

"A good picture doesn't tell the whole story – it lets the viewer continue it in their thoughts. A good picture is not a blunt answer, but a beautiful question," he says.

Over the years, the aviation photo exhibition at Helsinki Airport, created as a result of cooperation between Finavia, Aviation Writers of Finland and Merja Ailama-Mäkitalo, has illustrated the many aspects of aviation and flying as seen through the lenses of Finnish and internationally renowned photographers.

 Many aviation enthusiasts regularly visit the exhibition, which is updated twice a year.

You can find the exhibition on the inbound floor of Terminal 2 near to the pharmacy, Alko and Picnic. Everyone visiting the airport has unrestricted access to the area. The exhibition is free of charge and open 24/7.

The photo exhibition is part of Finavia's ArtPort concept. It aims to offer travellers a moment of peace and quiet to balance out the hectic airport atmosphere.

For Finavia, the ArtPort concept is also part of its corporate responsibility. Exhibitions and galleries give artists an opportunity to display their work and skills to both domestic and international audiences.

The current exhibition is jointly produced by Finavia, Finnair, Kamera magazine, Aviation Writers of Finland, Color-Kolmio, Epson, Krister Löfroth and Merja Ailama-Mäkitalo. Partners also include JAS Tekniikka, Elinchrome, the Finnish Professional Photographers' Association and Finnfoto.

The models in the Anti-Gravity Women exhibition are Hanna Kallio, Duo Minja, Veera Konga, Anna Pirhonen-Mattila, Maria Aalto, Titta Niemelä, Aada Hämäläinen, Ritva Rantala and Oona.

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