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The day when anyone can start a restaurant at Helsinki Airport

Press release
Article published
7.8.2014 at 10:25
A map of restaurants at the airport.
Would you like to start a restaurant at Helsinki Airport? It is now possible as Finavia will open the doors of Helsinki Airport to home chefs on the Restaurant Day on 17 August.

"The concept is about having a great time, sharing new experiences and enjoying the joint environment in a group. Travel includes the same elements. We did wonder why not can Helsinki Airport be one of the venues of the Restaurant Day," says Ville Haapasaari, Director of Helsinki Airport, Finavia.

Finavia will make it possible to celebrate the Day at the airport, which is a totally unique venue. In fact, the airport will have four locations where restaurant owners can start their popup restaurants. Some restaurants will be located at the airport terminal in the departure gate area on the other side of security check.

"Despite the special arrangements, the Restaurant Day will take place at the airport just like at other locations. Restaurants will be set up by private people who will serve delicious portions to customers. As far as we know, we are the first airport in the world where the Restaurant Day is celebrated," says Haapasaari.

If you would like to start a restaurant at the airport on the Restaurant Day, please check detailed instructions here:

The first Restaurant Day took place in May 2011. The event started from Finland and became the world's leading food festival that takes place four times per year at hundreds of cities all around the world. On the Restaurant Day, restaurants have been founded in parks, homes and marketplaces and now at an international airport.