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Gymnaestrada in Helsinki - traffic at Helsinki Airport and surrounding roads 9-11 July

Article published
8.7.2015 at 05:22
Performance made out of families, where children are bears and adults are trees.
An international gymnastics event Gymnaestrada held brings a lot of arriving passengers to Helsinki Airport. The airport's arrival floor and car traffic around the airport area is expected to be congested during 9-11 July. Congestion is not expected at the departure floor.

The most congested time at the arrival floor will be Saturday, 11 July between 10 PM-01 AM, as nearly 2000 gymnasts arrive to the airport. In addition a number of gymnasts will arrive between 9-10 July.

There will be more bus traffic than usual around the airport area during 9-11 July. Passengers arriving or leaving the airport by car or bus transport are advised to take enough time arriving to/leaving the airport.

Bus waiting areas for the gymnasts will be built in front of terminal 2, bringing a lot of people in front of the airport at floor 1.

The congestion is not expected to affect the airport's departure floor.

Departing 19-20 July? Get ready for congestion

Gymnaestrada ends 18 July, and the following days 19-20 July will be busy at Helsinki Airport's departure floor. The bus traffic will also be heavy at the airport area during those days.

We will inform the departure floor congestion closer in more detail.

Gymnaestrada is an international gymnastics event bringing over 20000 gymnasts all over the world together. Of these 12000 arrive through Helsinki Airport. The event is held in Finland for the first time.