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Runway 1 renovation completed – opening was celebrated at Helsinki Airport

Article published
3.8.2015 at 07:00
The main runway at Helsinki Airport has been renovated during the summer. The duration of the renovation was three months and it was completed on time. The opening was celebrated at the runway a few hours before the first landing.

The event started with breakfast at the airport’s fire station.


After the breakfast, the guests got the chance to visit the just-renovated runway.

Some of our 70 guests were chosen to the event through a lottery from among over thousand participants!

The runway provided an exceptional background for photographs.

Selfie stick was useful for capturing the whole airport to the picture!

Runway 04R-22L, more commonly known as runway 1, is the first runway at Helsinki Airport.It was built for the airport opening in 1952.

You can find more photos in Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #runwayrenovation

Photos: Jyrki Komulainen