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Adult-only holidays are for unwinding

Article published
24.8.2015 at 06:00
Couple lounging on sunlounges on a beach holding hands
Holidays for adults are growing in popularity, as they offer a calm break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

These days people like to travel in different configurations: with family, friends, or their partner.

Three-generation trips are also in demand, and grandparents are often brought along to spend time with their grandkids.

At the same time, couples are now also opting for some quality time for two, dedicating the holiday to escaping the daily grind, having a good time together, and complete relaxation.

Travel packages for adults also attract older travellers who are looking for a peaceful holiday free of unnecessary hassle and noise.

A good hotel is key

A good hotel is crucial to a nice holiday for two, and many choose a hotel meant only for couples.

Adults-only hotels tend to be of a high quality, with a great deal of attention paid to excellent food, restaurant atmosphere, and wellness and pampering packages.

Other essential elements adults expect from their holiday destinations are a peaceful ambiance and a touch of luxury.

Most hotels exclusively for adults are concept hotels offering virtually the same services and quality in any destination.

Superior food over all

We are often asked about the food in hotels and restaurants, and about nearby restaurant options. Many hotels have their own wine cellars and top chefs these days.

The location is obviously also important, as today's active travellers are not happy with just lounging at the hotel but want to explore the services and attractions of the surrounding area, making them an important criterion when choosing the hotel.

In particular, couples over 50 seem to appreciate good locations that make it easy to move around in the area.

Exclusively adults

Some of the most popular destinations are Thailand, Mexico, Mauritius, and Jamaica, as well as the always sought-after Canary Islands. In the summer, Greece and Turkey attract couples, along with the more recent favourite, Croatia.

Adults-only holidays have become a staple of the tourism market.  These days the most characteristic hotel design is considered to be customer service with something extra, as there are specific hotels catering to all needs.

This means that the customers get to choose from a wide selection of trips planned around different travelling parties and travel plans.

The future of adults-only holidays is bright, and more and more options are added to the range all the time.

Travel continues fascinating people from one generation to the next, and increasingly older people feel fit enough to travel. People want to invest in their own well-being, and the calm feeling of exclusively adult hotels is perfect for the purpose.

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