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Highlights of the airport in 2015

Article published
9.1.2016 at 07:00
A KLM airplane landing.
In 2015, a large number of renewals and new launches took place at Helsinki Airport with the goal of improving air passenger services and of making travelling more effective and convenient. Here is a list of last year's highlights and of the most interesting news items on the Finavia website.

March: Helsinki Airport gets Europe's first sleeping pods

Passengers have had the opportunity to rest in sleeping pods at Helsinki Airport since March 2015. The sleeping pods, by GoSleep, providing privacy and peace, also became instantly known internationally and the whole world became aware of this Finnish innovation. Finavia is the first company in Europe to provide this service, all the while strengthening Helsinki Airport’s reputation as one of the most sleep-friendly airports in the world. Read more about sleeping pods.

April: New digital gates to be introduced at Helsinki Airport

Finavia acquired ticket inspection machines at Helsinki Airport. Machine testing was launched in spring 2015. As a result of the new technology, passengers will be provided with even faster service both at security check and departure gate. At the moment, there are electronic gates at the security check of Terminal 2 and at several departure gates. This is how the gates work.

May: Burger King opens

A service reform was implemented at Helsinki Airport in 2014–2015. Almost 70 restaurants, cafés and shops were renovated at the airport. Burger King opened two outlets at the airport in May. Burger King, the second-biggest hamburger chain in the world, was joyfully welcomed by Helsinki Airport. Read more about Burger King opening.

June: Helsinki Airport is a silent airport

In June 2015, Helsinki Airport became a silent airport just like many other international airports. Flight information and passenger announcements covering the entire terminal were discontinued. General announcements related to exceptional situations, as well as announcement at the departure gate and its immediate vicinity, still continue. From now on, passengers need to check their flight’s gate and schedule information in the airport's schedule displays or their own mobile device or computer. Read more about the renewal.

June: Finavia’s major investment to provide work for thousands

At the end of June, Finavia announced that it will launch a terminal expansion at Helsinki Airport at the beginning of 2016, which is one of the biggest construction sites in Finland. It is an investment of EUR 400 million, and the employment impact in Finland is over 5,000 man-years. This is what was reported on the investment.

July: Victoria's Secret opens

Victoria's Secret, the world famous cosmetics and lingerie brand, opened its first shop in Finland at Helsinki Airport in July 2015. The shop garnered immense popularity and interest. See the photos.

July: Train connection to airport

The long-awaited train connection to Helsinki Airport, the leading airport in Finland, was opened in July. In one go, the introduction of the Ring Rail Line improved connections to the airport from the capital region and from throughout Finland. See this for schedules and other information

August: runway renovation

One of the most extensive runway renovations at Helsinki Airport was launched in May 2015. The renovation took about three months and included the renovation of Runway 1 and the crossing of Runway 1 and Runway 2. The renovation was completed on schedule. The opening ceremony took place on Sunday, 2 August 2015.

August: Main contractors selected for development programme

On 11 August 2015, Finavia signed two construction contracts that are Finavia's biggest to date. The total value of the contracts is about EUR 260 million. After an exceptionally comprehensive and interactive tendering process, Finavia selected Lemminkäinen as the contractor for the terminal construction work and Destia for the groundwork on the apron. Read more about contract signing.

October: Airbus 350 introduced

Helsinki Airport became the first home airport for Airbus 350 in October 2015. The first step with the new wide-bodied aircraft type was to commence training and crew flights to Europe and destinations in Finland. Shanghai was the first route flight destination of Finnair’s new A350, and the flights commenced in November.

These news items were also read actively on Finavia website in 2015