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Renovation to start at Oulu Airport – bus transportation to Kemi-Tornio Airport

26.4.2017 at 10:55
The renovation of traffic areas at Oulu Airport will begin in May, and it will affect flight schedules until the end of August. Some flights will depart from Oulu and some from Kemi-Tornio between May and August. Oulu Airport will be fully closed to air traffic between 26 June and 31 July 2017 due to the renovation, when Finnair and Norwegian will only offer flight connections from Kemi-Tornio Airport.

Passengers departing from Oulu have access to free bus transportation to flights operated from Kemi-Tornio Airport instead of Oulu Airport. The buses will take the route Oulu Airport–Oulu bus station–Kemi-Tornio Airport, returning via the same stops.

Transportation schedules and more information are available from Oulu airport website. Passengers are requested to register for bus transportation using the form located at the website.

Finavia is investing EUR 13 million in the safety of air traffic and the operating conditions of business life and tourism in the Oulu region by renovating traffic areas at Oulu Airport this summer. This will be Finavia's largest single investment in regional airports in 2017, giving employment to hundreds of people during the summer.

During the renovation extending from June to August, the runway, the taxiways and the apron of the airport will be resurfaced. In total, 360,000 m2 of new asphalt will be spread over the renovated areas. At the same time, the lighting system serving the runway and taxiways will be modernised, and the taxiways located at the ends of the runway will be upgraded for wide-bodied aircraft. The traffic areas at Oulu Airport were previously renovated in 2001–2002.