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Finnair’s new destination in China: flights from Helsinki Airport to Nanjing

Article published
30.8.2017 at 08:54
Finnair Airbus A350 taking off on a clear day.
Flight connections from Finland to China will become even better when Finnair starts to operate direct flights from Helsinki to Nanjing in May 2018. New routes are opened from Helsinki Airport to Lisbon and Stuttgart, too.

Nanjing, a city with over eight million inhabitants, is one of China’s old capitals, and it is located by the Yangtze River near Shanghai. It is a busy commercial and cultural centre, with increasing demand for travel and freight connections to Europe. 

Finnair will fly to Nanjing three times a week during the summer season and twice a week in the winter season. These flights connect smoothly with the more than one hundred European destinations in Finnair’s network.

In China, Finnair’s destinations also include Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an. In summer 2018, Finnair will have over 38 weekly flights from Helsinki to China.

Finnair’s new routes to Europe: Lisbon and Stuttgart

In addition to the new connection to Nanjing, Finnair will start direct flights to Lisbon, Portugal, and Stuttgart, Germany, in the summer season 2018. 

Finnair will fly to Lisbon three times a week from June to October. There will be one daily Finnair flight to Stuttgart starting from the end of April, increasing the number of Finnair’s German destinations to six.

The company will also add capacity on routes to popular leisure time destinations in Europe and increase the number of flights to Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco, Bangkok and Delhi. 

More flights to Europe

  • 17 additional flights to Tallinn, where Finnair flies up to 10 times a day in the summer
  • A new daily connection to Moscow, where Finnair will fly three times a day starting from summer 2018 
  • An additional daily flight to Gdansk
  • Four additional weekly flights to Edinburgh
  • Four additional weekly flights to Barcelona from June to August, with the total number of weekly flights increasing to 14
  • Three additional weekly flights to Madrid from June to October, with the total number of weekly flights increasing to 10
  • Two additional weekly flights to Reykjavik
  • One additional weekly flight to the following destinations: Billund, Dublin, DubrovnikChaniaIraklion, Corfu, Malaga, Rhodes Skiathos, Santorini, Tel Aviv.  

More flights to long-haul destinations

In the summer season 2018, Finnair will have daily flights to Chicago instead of the previous schedule with five weekly flights. 

From the beginning of May to the end of September, flights to San Francisco will be operated three times a week.  

Finnair will fly to Tokyo twice a day. 

There will be three additional weekly flights to Bangkok, with Finnair flying there 10 times a week in the summer season and 16 times a week in the winter season. 

One additional weekly flight to Delhi, with four weekly flights in the summer season and six weekly flights during the winter season.  

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