A network of service providers provides your airline a seamless service in air navigation, communication, surveillance and monitoring systems related to en-route services, and ground handling.

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A network of service providers provide your airline a seamless service from air navigation to ground handling.

Air Navigation Services

ANS Finland is responsible for managing the use of Finnish airspace as well as providing flight route and air navigation services at airports in Finland.

En-route services include area control services in Finland, airspace management, aeronautical search and rescue and air traffic flow management.

Our technological air navigation services maintain and develop all navigation, communication, surveillance and monitoring systems related to en-route services, such as the air traffic control and radar systems required for flight traffic mapping.

Slot coordination for general aviation and business flights

An operator or a handling agent authorized by the operator must request an airport slot for an arrival and departure as a minimum 3 hours before the planned arrival or departure time.

Slot requests shall be submitted to Helsinki Airport Business Flight Terminal by email.

E-mail: [email protected]
Further information: +358 20 708 2720 

Slot request shall comprise the following information:

  • Date of flight
  •  Aircraft identification
  • Type of aircraft
  • Type of flight
  • Estimated time of arrival and/or departure
  • Aerodrome of departure and destination
  • Aircraft registration
  • Name of the handling agent

Business Flight Terminal will confirm slot times by e-mail to the sender. This confirmation includes, together with the information above, a slot identification (Slot-ID) which must be included in the flight plan section 18.


Please find information regarding de-icing prices and and principles in the attached document: 


Civil aviation regulatory issues

Civil aviation regulatory issues in Finland are handled by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi:

  • issues aviation regulations
  • grants licenses and certificates
  • oversees license and certificate holders
  • participates in international co-operation
  • oversees aircraft manufacture, maintenance and sport aviation, air operators and aviation training and air navigation services, airspace use and aerodromes
  • gives statements and issues regulations

Download Directions for non-EU operators applying for an operating permit in Finland or contact Trafi for flight permissions via [email protected]

Airline Organizations in Finland

  • Board of Airline Representatives in Finland BARIF , contact address: [email protected]
  • AOC - Airlines Operators' Committee of Helsinki Airport, Chairman Tero Lampén, [email protected], +358 40 523 2322

Ground handling

At Helsinki Airport, there is a number of ground handling service providers for airlines to choose from. For further information concerning Helsinki Airport's ground handling issues, please contact Safety & Compliance Manager Tero Tihveräinen at [email protected]

At the regional airports, handling services are provided by Airpro Oy (all airports) and Inter Handling Finland Oy (Turku, Tampere and Pori airports).

For further information about ground handling issues in general, please contact: [email protected]


Airpro Oy

[email protected] or

Aviator Airport Services Finland Oy

[email protected]

Swissport Finland Oy

[email protected]…


Helsinki-Vantaa Business Flight Center (FBO), 24/7
Full handling services provider to business jets

E-mail: [email protected]
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Finnair Technical Services

Polar Aviation Oy
AOG GoTeam and Maintenance 24/7
Tel: +358 20 1612 600
E-mail: [email protected]

Nayak Aircraft Services Netherlands


Finnair Cargo Oy

Swissport Cargo Services

ASR Cargo 


Neste, Aviation

E-mail: [email protected]

Air BP Finland Oy


Finnair Kitchen Oy
E-mail: [email protected]

Vantaa Catering Services Oy
E-mail: [email protected]