Year of changes at Helsinki Airport

Changes to taxi and bus traffic

The Terminal 2 taxi station is now located in the ground floor of the terminal. The bus station and disabled taxis are located in front of Scandic hotel.

Parking changes in January

Parking halls P1 and P2 will be closed permanently on January 7th 2019. The demolition begins on January 15th 2019. Where to park in the future and what to do if I parked my car in P1/P2?

Changes in disabled parking

Q&A: Expansion of Helsinki Airport Terminal 2


Ways of getting from parking area to terminal

Parking pre-booking

Ensure you have a parking slot in the parking garage you wish to park in. You can also save money by pre-booking!

See the new Terminal 2

Thumbnail from the video with title Helsinki-Vantaan kehitysohjelma

This is the new Helsinki Airport


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