1. What is it all about?

In 2021, the Terminal 2 of Helsinki Airport will get a magnificent new entrance with new departure and arrivals halls. The parking and public transport arrangements of the airport will get a facelift at the same time. In addition, the current arrivals and departure halls will get a thorough makeover, and they will be added to the gate area. This will create a lot of new space as well as opportunities for improving passenger services.

The expansion of Terminal 2 is part of Finavia’s billion-euro investment programme with the aim of strengthening the competitive position of Helsinki Airport as a significant European airport and getting it ready to serve 30 million passengers in the future.

2. What is the timetable of the expansion?

All in all, the expansion of Terminal 2 will last approximately four years. The construction work began in January 2019.

First to be completed is the new parking garage (in 2020). Next to open, in 2021, is the new entrance with departure and arrivals halls. The gate area alteration work will be completed in 2022.

3. How will the construction work be evident to the passengers?

The new terminal will be a fantastic new building. Before everything is ready, there will be disruptions. The construction work will generate noise, dust and all sorts of inconvenience – the walking distances will become longer and services will change location.

4. How should passengers prepare for the changes?

These three instructions will make travel easier and smoother during the time of construction work.

  1. Always check out up-to-date information before arriving at the airport.
  2. Arrive at the airport in time, and remember to reserve enough time for getting from one place to another.
  3. Reserve your parking slot in advance.

5. How will the work affect people driving to the airport in their own cars?

There is a large work site of approximately 4,5 ha in front of the terminal. Driving lanes are now narrower and changed. If you are coming to the airport in your own car, please be careful and mind the speed limits.

6. How do I move between the terminals and the parking spaces?

  • You can only move between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 by foot indoors, through the connecting corridor.
  • From P3, you can walk to Terminal 2 through Terminal 1. From the ground floor (floor T) of P3A, take the walking tunnel to Terminal 1, then through the connecting corridor to terminal 2. The distance will be approximately 300-400 meters.
  • From P5, you can walk to Terminal 2 outdoors, by taking a covered walking route. If you are going to Terminal 1, walk first to Terminal 2 and take the connecting corridor to Terminal 1.

Finavia's free park bus operates between the terminals and the parking spaces. The bus is especially convenient when parking outdoors (in P4).

7. Where can I park my electric car?

There are charging spots for electric cars in both parking hall P5 and P3. In P3, they are located in the Premium area, which has its own entrance. In P5, the electric car spaces are in floor -1.

8. Will there be enough parking space?

Yes there will. We have already taken the construction work in consideration earlier, when we made 3 000 new parking spaces to parking hall P5.  Finavia has added hundreds of parking spots to the outdoor parking area P4. In 2020, we will also open a new parking hall at the airport.

9. How does the work affect those who travel by bus, taxi or train?

Taxis, buses and private cars  can no longer drive in front of Terminal 2 check-in. Taxis leave passengers on the arrivals level. The escalators will lead up to check-in. 

The bus station of Terminal 2 is located in front of Scandic hotel. There is also waiting area for disabled travelling by taxi. The drop-off and pick-up platforms for Finavia's free parking bus and hotel buses are located in front of P5 by Lentäjäntie. 

The taxi station where you can get a taxi to the city is located in the ground floor of Terminal 2. You can walk to the taxi station through escalators or elevator in front of Burger King in Arrivals Hall 2A.

Passengers who travel by train or from Terminal 1 will not be affected by the building.

10. What's happening inside the terminal?

The construction work can be seen inside Terminal 2. Some of the service points will relocate and there will be changes in walking routes.

11. Where do I get more information?

On Finavias website, you can read more about the development programme and the expansion project of Terminal 2.

Download the Helsinki Airport outdoor map (PDF) from here.


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