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Pay for parking with your phone or tablet – Three easy steps for mobile payment for parking at Helsinki Airport

Article published
20.3.2019 at 09:00
Parking online payment
No separate app is required for mobile payments at Helsinki Airport. Mobile payment is a convenient alternative, and these instructions help you get started.

A parking coupon and a pay station – most drivers pay for their parking at the airport the traditional way. You receive a coupon at the entrance when driving in, take it with you on your journey, and pay the fee when you return, using cash or card either at the yellow pay stations or at a customer service point. Usually, this formula does the trick, but there are possible inconveniences: you may misplace the coupon, have difficulties finding a pay station, or only think of paying when you’re already at the exit gate.

At Helsinki Airport, it has been possible since the end of last year to use one’s phone or other smart device to pay for parking through a website, There is no need for a separate app or registration. It only takes a few taps to pay when you follow these simple instructions, which you can also find at the website:

  1. Use your camera to scan the parking coupon’s barcode to get the price.

  1. Pay with your credit card, online banking service or through mobile payment.

  1. Download the receipt in PDF format or have it sent to you via email.

Mobile payment is quick and convenient, as no time is spent at the pay station or finding one. You can pay while walking to your car, for example. Travel expenses are easier to report to your employer, for instance, when you get your receipt directly to your phone or email. Thanks to automated recognition of register plates, there is no need to stop at the exit gate and driving out of the parking area is smooth.

“Nonetheless, you should always keep the parking coupon, no matter how you pay. A dirty or snowy register plate may prevent recognition, and the coupon needs to be inserted in the machine at the gate. Of course, in case of a lost coupon, it’s always possible to work out the parking information at a customer service desk,” says Niko Ropa, Operations Supervisor at Helsinki Airport.

Helsinki Airport’s parking service (+358 20 708 3200) is open 24 hours, every day, offering help and advice in all airport parking related matters.

“We’re there to help, if there are problems with payments or even a flat tyre. During freeze-ups, there have been many cases where a car’s doors have frozen shut, and we’ve melted the ice with a plastic bag full of hot water. Our customer service knows all the tricks,” Ropa says.

Pre-book a parking space at Helsinki Airport.