Air travel during COVID-19

The safety of passengers is of utmost importance. We are ensuring the safety of airports in Finland, so that passengers may travel safely and smoothly. 

Numerous COVID-19 hygiene and safety measures are being taken at Finnish airports, and passengers may help contain the spread of the virus by following the instructions below.

When travelling via Finnish Airports

  • Please do not travel, if you are sick.
  • Take care of good hand and coughing hygiene.
  • Keep a safe distance from other passengers and airport staff.
  • Use a mask. Many airlines require the use of masks on flights. Make sure to have enough masks for your travels.
  • If you arrive from a country that travel restrictions apply to, stay in quarantine-like conditions for a total of 14 days and use a car or taxi to travel from the airport.
  • Follow instructions, announcements and signs at the airport.
  • Please check information provided by your airline, and possible travel restrictions of your destination country.


Havainnekuva lentoaseman maskiohjeistuksesta matkustajille

Passenger's Checklist

Please read these tips before travelling to or from Finland.


Where can I fly to from Finland?

Please read the list of international destinations, that may be travelled to directly from Finnish airports. Please be sure to check the travel restrictions for your destination country.

Open restaurants and services

Restaurants and services are reopening. Please see their opening hours.

COVID-19 testing for arriving passengers

COVID-19 testing available to arriving passengers at Helsinki Airport


If you have COVID-19 symptoms

Please call the local health centre, or call for COVID-19 help at 116 117. You may also ask airport staff for further instructions. Do not travel.