Air travel during Covid-19

The safety of passengers is of utmost importance. We are ensuring the safety of airports in Finland, so that passengers may travel safely and smoothly.

Arriving in Finland on an international flight

When do I need to stay in quarantine and how can I shorten my quarantine?

If you have filled in the Finentry form, act according to the instructions given on the form and the website. If you have not filled in the Finentry form, please read the instructions arriving in Finland (see below).

For other passengers, we recommend that you self-quarantine for 10 days if you arrive from a country where you have been at risk of coronavirus infection and if your stay in longer than 72 hours. Check the country-specific situation on Finnish institute for health and welfare's THL website.

  • If your stay is shorter than 72 hours and you have a certificate of a negative coronavirus test (from less than 72 hours before entering the country), you do not need to self-quarantine. If you do not have a certificate of a negative coronavirus test from less than 72 hours before, we recommend that you self-quarantine regardless of the length of the trip.
  • If your stay is longer than 72 hours, you can shorten the quarantine by getting a coronavirus test immediately after arriving in Finland and a second test 72 hours after the first test at the earliest. If you have a certificate of a negative coronavirus test (from less than 72 hours before entering the country), you do not need a test upon arrival to Finland. Instead you can take the test 72 hours after entering the country at the earliest. If the result of both tests is negative, you can stop your self-quarantine.

When is self-quarantine not recommended?

  1. If you arrive from a country that is not subject to entry restrictions: self-quarantine is not required.
  2. If you arrive from a country that is subject to restrictions and you spend less than 72 hours in Finland: present a negative Covid-19 test certificate upon arrival. The certificate may not be more than 72 hours old.

More information at Finnish institute of health and welfare THL's webpage.

Do I need a certificate of a negative Covid-19 test result at my arrival in Finland?

The certificate of a negative Covid-19 test is not a requirement for entry to Finland but it speeds up the immigration as you do not need to stand in a queue for airport's Covid-19 test. All passengers arriving on an international flight at Helsinki Airport are guided to the test unless they do not have a negative Covid-19 test with them or are following the instruction of the Finentry Service.

More information about immigration in Finland can be found at "When is self-quarantine recommended and how I can shorten it?"

How much does it cost to get a Covid-19 test at the airport?

The City of Vantaa offers Covid-19 testing free of charge at Helsinki Airport for passengers arriving on international flights.

People living in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district can book a time for a Covid-19 test free of charge by using the Finentry service.

Covid-19 testing services provided by the authorities are not available at Finavia regional airports. Contact information for the local health authorities is provided in brochures distributed at the airport terminals.

Do I need to wear a face mask at the airport?

When you disembark from the aircraft, wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose. Keep the mask on the entire time you are in the airport.

If you do not have a face mask, you can buy one at the airport. Several shops and kiosks have them for sale.

Havainnekuva lentoaseman maskiohjeistuksesta matkustajille

Can I get tested by Covid-19 dogs?

Covid-19 testing by specially trained dogs is intended for all passengers arriving on international flights. The testing is anonymous and free of charge.

Passengers who get a positive test result are directed to the City of Vantaa health information point.

The Covid-19 scent detection service is available on weekdays. Service hours depend on the dogs and their need to rest.

Canine scent detection services are provided by the Wise Nose association and Nose Academy Oy.

What should I do if I suspect I have a Covid-19 infection or I experience symptoms?

After your flights lands at Helsinki Airport, you will be steered to the airport’s free-of-charge COVID-19 testing point, where you will receive further instructions from healthcare professionals.

In addition, you will receive guidance and help from the City of Vantaa’s health advisory service point, if necessary. It is located in Terminal 2 between arrivals halls 2A and 2B. The opening hours of the point of service are designed to accommodate all arriving flights.

When arriving at another Finavia airport, please contact the healthcare services of your home municipality immediately. Contact information is available in the terminal at the health information point’s brochure stand.

Can I leave the airport by bus or train?

If you arrive from a country that is subject to entry restrictions or if you have a Covid-19 test at the airport, you should continue your journey from the airport by private car or taxi. Avoid using buses and trains.

If you arrive from a country that is not subject to entry restrictions, you can leave the airport by train or bus. We recommend that you wear a face mask when you use public transport.

Can I have someone pick me up from inside the terminal?

To reduce contact and maintain safe distances, Terminal 2 is currently intended for passengers and staff only.

Arrange to meet in Terminal 1, which is a designated waiting area. The nearest parking area is P3.

People who arrive to pick up a passenger can also wait in their car. In this case, it is recommended they park in P5.

At the airport

Can I transit via Helsinki Airport?

Transit is permitted on domestic flights and on international flights according to the immigration restrictions. Please read accurate instructions concerning arrivals and departures in Finland at the Finnish Border Guard’s website. Also, please check travel restrictions and possible Covid-19 test requirements of your destination from the authorities of the country in question.

During transit you have to remain in the transit area of Helsinki Airport.

What Covid-19 guidelines do I need to adhere to at the airport?

  1. Always wear a face mask when you are departing, arriving, picking someone up or dropping off a passenger.
  2. Pay attention to your hand hygiene.
  3. Maintain a sufficient safe distance to other passengers and staff.
  4. Pay attention to announcements and signs at the airport. Follow the instructions given by airport staff.
  5. Please use the self-service machines if you have any hold baggage or you need to check in at the airport.

Can I buy face masks at the airport?

Face masks can be bought from several shops and kiosks at Helsinki Airport

Face masks are also sold at other airports, including Ivalo, Rovaniemi, Oulu, Kittilä, Kuusamo and Vaasa.

Havainnekuva lentoaseman maskiohjeistuksesta matkustajille

What restaurants and services are currently open at Finavia’s airports?

The opening hours of restaurants and other points of service vary.

For information on the opening hours of services at Helsinki Airport, please refer to our release.

Information on the opening hours of services at Finavia’s regional airports is available here.

What action has Finavia taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

We began intensified cleaning in the terminals and surface disinfection in January.

More than 300 hand sanitiser stations have been placed in the terminal. We have enhanced the cleaning of security control trays by using UVC technology.

To maintain safe distances and implement travel restrictions, we have rearranged the routes taken by passengers and limited the capacity of premises at the airport.

We have also placed more than 2,000 floor stickers in the terminal to indicate safe distances.

Transparent protective screens have been installed at 100 customer service counters and more than 100,000 face masks have been purchased for the airport.

Instructions issued by the authorities are announced via the public address system at seven-minute intervals in different three languages.

We are also committed to following the EASA Covid-19 recommendations.

Before departure

What Covid-19 guidelines do I need to consider in Finland before coming to the airport?

  1. To have all the necessary travel documents you will need when boarding the plane, please check the entry and quarantine regulations, e.g. the need for certificate of negative Covid-19 test, before coming to the airport. You can find this information from the authorities of your destination country.
  2. Check the scope of your travel insurance cover. Bring your passport if you are travelling abroad.
  3. Please check-in at your hotel/home whenever possible.
  4. Take enough face masks with you on your trip. You will need them throughout your journey, both at the airport and on board the aircraft.
  5. Check what items can be carried in hand baggage and hold luggage. Follow your airline’s instructions on the quantity and weight of your baggage.
  6. Check your airline’s instructions ahead of time. Finnair passengers can find more information here.

Where can I find information on the opening hours of airport terminals?

Information on the opening hours of terminals at Finavia airports is available here.

Can I come to Helsinki Airport to drop off passengers?

To reduce contact and maintain safe distances, Terminal 2 is currently intended for passengers and staff only.

Terminal 1 has been reserved for use as a waiting area for people who are picking up and dropping off passengers. The nearest parking area is P3.

You can stop briefly in front of Terminal 2 to drop off passengers. Parking is not permitted and you need to leave the area quickly.

What should I do if I feel ill?

Do not travel if you are ill. If you feel ill, take the online test at and follow the instructions provided.

You can also phone your local health authorities or a private health care provider.

COVID-19 tests at Helsinki Airport

During the COVID-19 pandemic, passengers arriving at Helsinki Airport have been tested thoroughly, and it is also possible to test transfer passengers.


Wear a mask at the airport

Finavia requires all passengers and other visitors to Finavia airports to wear a face mask for the entire time they are at the airport.

Open restaurants and services

Restaurants and services are reopening. Please see their opening hours.

Helsinki Airport rated very good by passengers during Covid-19

Helsinki Airport succeeded in maintaining its very good grades also during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey organised by Airports Council International (ACI).

Health security is part of responsibility

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have developed the operations of our airports and invested in new actions and services to make working and travelling at our airports safe.

Covid-19 dogs at the airport

Covid-19 dogs work at Helsinki Airport to detect the corona virus from passengers.


If you have COVID-19 symptoms

Please call the local health centre, or call for COVID-19 help at 116 117. You may also ask airport staff for further instructions. Do not travel.