Route development support

To promote new connections, Finavia offer discounts on landing and passenger charges for new routes. We will promote your new services at Finavia airports and co-market new routes together with you.

Route development support

Discounts for new routes

The discounts for new routes are as follows:

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Only long-distance

5th year

Only long-distance

Discount on landing charge

70 %

50 %

50 %

50 %

50 %

Discount on passenger charge

70 %

50 %

To promote new connections, Finavia offers discounts on landing and passenger charges for new routes. Discounts are granted to scheduled services provided that there are at least two landings per week by aircraft with more than 30 seats. The discounts can only be granted if the information required in paragraph 6 has been provided within the specified time limit. New route discounts do not apply to public service obligation (PSO) routes.

The discounts are not applicable during nighttime (23:00 – 06:00 LT) for noise reasons, or during peak hours at Helsinki Airport (14:30 – 17:00 LT), in accordance with the actual time of flight. Discounts will not be granted for traffic outside the airport operating hours either.

Discounts for new routes are granted for a maximum period of three years, or five years for long-distance flights. A flight is considered long-distance if it is operated with a wide-body aircraft to another continent. A new route means a connection between two cities with no previous scheduled services.

Discounts on passenger charges are not applicable to the separate low-cost terminals at Turku and Tampere-Pirkkala airports. More information from [email protected].

All discounts shall be agreed in writing with Finavia.


Airline Relations

P.O. Box 50



E-mail: [email protected]

Incentives regarding new incoming charter flights, please contact [email protected]

Discounts for passenger volume growth in non-Schengen traffic

To promote growth in passenger volumes and more efficient use of infrastructure in the non-Schengen part of the terminal Finavia grants reductions in passenger charges for the increase in the number of passengers on flights outside the Schengen area. Discounts are granted for scheduled traffic, provided that at least two landings per week per season are operated.

No reduction for passenger volume growth will be granted if the airline is entitled to a discount under paragraph 7.3.

A discount of 3 EUR per additional passenger is granted. Any passenger who exceeds the number of passengers on airline’s same route in the preceding calendar year shall be considered an additional passenger. Finavia refunds the discounts to the airlines afterwards without any separate application. Discounts will be granted for existing and new routes between 2020-2022. Finavia reserves the right to change the amount and terms of the discount each year during the discount period.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Finavia marketing support

In addition to world class snow-how, Finavia provide award-winning marketing know-how.

We can help you to succeed with our in-depth marketing knowledge, channels and agency contacts. Finavia’s co-marketing solutions are an effective way to boost your sales.

We have very efficient communications channels and media contacts who reach not only Finnish but international media. Finavia’s and Helsinki Airport’s social media channels reaches Finns and foreign friends of Finavia.

Would you prefer digital media, airport visibility, outdoor displays, you name it – we have it all the state-of-the-art marketing solutions for you. Want to know more? We are more than happy to help you succeed. Finavia’s route development team is here not only to support you to develop new routes, but to market them to succeed.