Picking up and dropping off passengers

Check what to do when dropping off or picking up passengers at Helsinki Airport.

When dropping off passengers at Helsinki Airport, you can drive to the main entrance of the airport, where dropping off passengers is quick and easy. The main entrance is also the entrance to the Departure hall of Terminal 2. Please note that parking is not allowed in front of the main entrance.

You may also drop off passengers in front of Terminal 1. The same applies to taxi traffic.

Picking up passengers from Helsinki Airport

When picking up passengers from Helsinki Airport, you can drive to Short Term parking in Terminal 2 or Terminal 1. Short Term Parking for T2 is located next to the Arrivals hall of Helsinki Airport. Short Term Parking for T1 is located inside parking house P3. Parking costs 2 euros per 20 minutes. Driving through the parking area is free if you exit the area within 10 minutes by feeding the ticket you got when entering the area into the barrier device without also feeding the ticket into the pay station.

Short Term Parking in Terminal 2

Short Term Parking in Terminal 1

Parking at Helsinki Airport